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lasermax rods?

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by nickod, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. nickod

    nickod sammyb

    Oct 7, 2010
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    i really like the concept of lasermax guide rods. you just throw em in and your good to go. my question is.....does any one actually put them in their duty, home defense, carry, night stand guns? i have heard that they dont have a great reliability track record ( plastic endcaps breaking). i would love to have one of thees in my nightstand glock but, i never jumped on it cause i have always been leery of them. any one use a lasermax rod with long term success? let me know your thoughts. thanks.
  2. Vince49

    Vince49 Aeroscout

    Jun 5, 2010
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    Indianapolis, IN
    I have had the Lasermax guide rod for about 18 months now. I first installed it on the G27 and put about 500 rounds downrange just to make sure it was reliable,it is. I have since installed it on my G26 and put another 200 rounds out. I now remove it and install the stock guide rod when at the range so as not to wear it out. It is however always installed when the piece is loaded for edc or home defense. I bought extra batteries and an extra battery cap when I purchased it as I too had heard that the caps were prone to breaking. So far, after a year and a half and seven hundred rounds through two different guns I am still using the original batteries and battery cap. It also shows no signs of wear and the laser is still very bright in low light or darkness and of course it is always dead on target with no need for adjustment as required by other setups. :cool:

    PS: When they finally come out with one for the Gen.4 G22 I intend to install one on it too as it is now my nightstand weapon.

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  3. TSAX


    Jun 5, 2010
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    My G26 has had a the same LaserMax and batteries since 03 and has about 10k in rounds through it. The laser is another one of those personal preferences. Some like the grip laser some don't like the thickness it adds, some prefer an internal, some prefer the light laser combo, some even prefer the laserlyte rear sight one. LaserMax has always work well for me but I have no issues with the CT lasers and prefer the LG-436 over the other CT models.

    The tail cap issue is not new but also not very common and when it does happen LaserMax is usually good at replacing it. I remember working a booth at some gun shows and the LaserMax was on that we were selling and I had one on the demo gun which was my G23C with LaserMax in 04 and 05. What I would do was (with the gun empty of course) drop my gun several times demonstrating its durability and then turn on the laser and people were amazed that I was crazy enough to do this.

    After dropping it about 20 times from about 6 feet and onto solid concrete the laser was still on point. Was I dumb for doing this, probably, were many people convinced that I believed in this product, yes and did we sell many, yes. I have an issue selling anything I don't believe in and a Marketing expert once said I would never make it in advertising with that attitude.

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  4. RayB

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    Dec 2, 2005
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    We've had LaserMax guide rod lasers in our G19 and G21 for years, and we've been impressed with their durability, accuracy, and dependability. Both guns have thousands of rounds on them, using all manner of ammo. :)

    And yes, both guns are stored, at the ready, with LaserMax installed.

    The LaserMax in my G21 will occasionally turn itself on during firing. It does, however, never fail to activate when called upon. This is NBD to me.

    The LaserMax in my wife's G19 has been flawless.

    I've never had either gun fail to cycle because of the LaserMax installed, although my LaserMax does not like my G21's KKM .45 - 10 mm Conversion Barrel very well. Oh, the gun cycles just fine with the KKM and 10 mm ammo, but laser operation is intermettent with this barrel in place. I don't complain, since the LaserMax works reliably with the OEM .45 ACP barrel installed, and the KKM is an aftermarket part.

    The first LaserMax guide rod laser purchased for Judy's G19 was defective right out of the box; it projected an amoeba-like blob instead of a dot. I returned the unit at once to MidwayUSA, who promptly exchanged it with a new unit, covering all extra shipping, etc. The replacement unit, as I said, proved to be flawless.

    Defects can occur with anything. At my age, I could produce quite a list of high-end goods that we've purchased that needed tweaking or replacing. We once had a brand new VW Jetta delivered with all four wheels out of alignment--and the dealer argued!

    At any rate, both LaserMax guide rod lasers were thoroughly range-tested before being trusted to bedside duty, and I’d recommend everybody do this with any aftermarket accessory! :eyebrow:

    For the most part, we pop in the OEM guide rods for range practice, since marksmanship’s where all the fun's at! You can center-core targets all day with boring predictability, using your LaserMax! ;)

    Still, new shooters will need to practice with their lasers to get the hang of it. In fact, as with all firearm handling, I recommend routine practice so that activation, use, and safe handling becomes second nature to the shooter. :cool:

    As to the materials used in the LaserMax's manufacture, the entire OEM guide rod assembly, end caps and all, is made of plastic... Yet, I've never had an OEM guide rod fail... The LaserMax's guide rod shaft is made of steel, and the unit uses a Wolff Spring of slightly higher tension than the OEM does. Reliability has been a non-issue. :dunno:

    I did replace the recoil springs and battery end caps, but only as a maintenance protocol--not because anything failed.

    Battery life is outstanding! I recommend getting replacement batteries from the OEM, since they're shrink-wrap bundled for easier installation, and fairly priced.

    LaserMax's customer service has proved to be first-rate! :thumbsup:

    The LaserMax guide rod laser remains my favorite laser-option for Glocks, though I have a LaserMax UNI-GREEN, rail-mounted laser that I like too!

    Anyway, that's our experience with LaserMax.