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Just though I would post up some information after speaking to a rep from lasermax:

We have tested a number of springs and use a 20 lb spring with our laser.
We do not recommend using springs other than what we provide with the sight
as it proves the best performance.

Dan Claffey
800-527-3703 X323
585-272-5427 (Fax)

Any of you lasermax users out there might want to shed some light on if you can actually change the spring if you had to, or wanted to.

I have had some failures in my G20 with DT ammo, but Im attributing that to the fact that Im still using a 17# spring.

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I had a 2nd gen G20 with a high intensity Lasermax (they used to sell the current brightness as high intensity, and it was ~$100 more). I owned that combo nearly a decade and the ONLY thing I ever had to do is buy the little battery caps for the laser about twice a year and a battery pack every several years. Thankfully, they were both pretty cheap. My combo wasn't dead accurate, normally shooting about an inch low at 10 yards, but it was absolutely 100% reliable with everything from weak reloads and factory loads, all the way to DT's finest.
If you are having FTF's with multiple mags, and after cleaning and lubing the laser guide rod, then I'd step up the spring, but I'd do it in the smallest increments you can. I personally don't think the sping slides as easily over the Lasermax as it does the other non-laser guide rods on the market.

Here's what the rig looked like (note the laser is on). I foolishly traded it away because I just had to have the 3rd gen model. It is not NEAR as accurate as that old 2nd gen was. I guess I was just lucky then...

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