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    May 6, 2004
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    I was looking at the LaserLyte Glock Pistol Laser. I was wondering if anyone has these and, if so, what do you think about it? Any comments appreciated.
  2. FlyfishermanMike


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    Nov 8, 2009
    I know there are a few types that will fit a Glock. Is there a specific model you're thinking? There's a newer rear sight that other's have review here. I thought there wass a laser that has a rail on the bottom so you could still attach a light (just found it "Sub-compact V2"). I looked at some at Cabelas and at a recent gun show. The switches feel a little cheap and exposed and I'd worry about them long term. However, I'll probably end up with one to play around with. I'd buy a CT but if I had that much money I'd buy more ammo.

    Check out their site:

    I did a quick search for "laserlyte" and found a bunch of more useful info.

    The pistol laser trainer looks pretty cool though. It's like a bore laser but when you dry fire your gun the laser will flash where the bullet would have hit. I'd get one if they weren't $100

    I don't understand the flashlight at all. I picked one up at the gun show and thought it was a joke! How can you have a gun light without a lens?! That thing is going to be a pain to clean, if it survives the first few shots. It's even more expensive than a TLR-3 which puts out 90 lumens compared to 25. Their theory is just enough light to see what you're doing or your target but not so much that you loose your night vision.

    Lastly, you have to remember this is the company that sells this...



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    Jan 13, 2010
    I am a big fan of laser sights. I've tried for 25 years to use them. Even spent considerable money to try and mount them on guns not designed for them. I'm glad to see that others are finally showing similar interests. This one looks to be a winner. Thanks for the web site, the hammer demo was impressive. In the past, I found some lasers to be sensitive and you'd have to thump them to get them on. I'm an older guy with failing eye sight. I have trifocals and have a real challenge trying to see sights and target. I know about blurring while sighting but you don't want to see two sights or two targets. With the laser I look at the target and see the dot and shoot. I'll have one of these on my G23 ASAP. First I have to finish paying for my G26. If you oppose new fangeled devices for saving your life, they are excellent for practice. The laser will highlight some shooting inadequacies and, I believe, makes me a better shot. Next I want one of those laser flash lights that shine up to five miles. :wow:
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I have had one since last September and have had no problems at all. I use it on my G26 that I carry everyday. I have never had a problem with it catching on anything while in the holster and have put approx 400 rounds through the gun with it on and not had any issues. I have changed the batteries twice since I got it. They would have lasted longer but the first time they went dead were from me accidentally leaving it on all night and the second time from being in a locked vehicle overnight in very cold weather.