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Laser Needed For Glock 36

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I am new to the Forum and see alot of Great Info here. I am trying to find out all of my options For a Laser (no Light) For my New Glock 36 (Slimline). Any Pro's and Con's or any suggestions including where to purchase and have it installed would be Greatly Appreciated. It appears that the Lasermax or LAW-17 may be my only choice,but i'm not sure of that and also not sure of user opinions on Lasermax or LAW-17.I do carry concealed soo a light or Front mounted Laser is No good for me.Thanks in Advance,Ray in South Florida.
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I am also researching laser sights for my Glocks (23 & 36). After doing a lot of reading, IMO the LaserMax seems to be the best one for me. The LAW-17 interferes with the index finger gripping the front of the trigger guard which is the grip style I use consistently. Crimson Trace in many instances will cause the Glock to not fit in the holster. So for me the LaserMax requires no change in grip or holster and the weapon remains very controllable.

Hope this helps. Just my $.02
LaserMax is a good choice for G36...

We have LaserMax in our G19 & G21, and are well pleased with its performance, over thousands of rounds, in either gun.

This is a cool little gizmo; very "trick", how it becomes an integral part of the gun. I like the inboard design!

You install the LaserMax yourself, and yes, it can take a bit of fidgeting, but we all get there. Just be patient... ;)

No collimation was necessary for ours--rounds appear about 1/4" above the dot, right to the back of the range.

Battery life has been great!

Cleans up with a Q-tip and a blast of canned air.

Once installed, you can slip the OEM guide rod back in for extended range practice.

MidwayUSA has them:

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I really appreciate the info and the time you gave to post it for me here. I called Crimson Trace,but sadly NO plans to Fit a Glock 36 This Year or i might have waited. I'm Still reading different opinions and From what i see People either Love Lasermax or Hate it! Seems like a 50/50 Split on opinions on this one,but I don't know of any other choice for the Glock 36. I shoulda Bought a Double Stack i guess.:)
Thanks again for the help and PLEASE Feel free to Post more opinions or options for me. Regards From Ray in South Florida
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