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Las Vegas Officials Sent 223K Primary Ballots to Wrong Address

  1. Democrats = Just a bunch of criminals!
  2. Ballot harvesting should be illegal in all 50 states. All 50 states should allow "no excuse" absentee ballots.
  3. This is the plan to steal the election. It's just that simple.
  4. They sent them to the right place. They just got caught, so they made up the story
  5. How does sending a ballot to the wrong address result in fraud?
  6. Nothing to see here, move along
  7. How about this as just one example...

    Send me all the ballots for deceased people who are registered to vote. I'll fill them out and mail them to the correct place for them to be counted.

    I know of several more examples that are much easier to accomplish with these (non-absentee) mailed ballots than by past elections' methods to steal votes from people and to accomplish significant amounts of voter fraud.
  8. They get filled out and mailed in by people who are not the recipient. Not that hard to figure out.
  9. Except that the 223K number cited in the OP is the number of ballots returned as undeliverable, so they weren't filled out by anyone. What evidence is there of ballots being filled out and returned by someone other than the intended recipient and how many of those are there?
  10. Sure, that works if you happen to know how to forge the random voter's signature well enough to fool the signature comparison software and people.

    Can you do that? I certainly can't.
  11. You don't seem to understand how mail-in voting works....
  12. You don't seem to understand how Democrats work.
  13. Let’s say you get all the undeliverable ballots. You have a name, address. You look it up. Half the time you should get enough info to learn if dead, alive, in nursing home...
    Do you really think they compare the signatures? I sign mostly with my right. But have done thousands left handed over yrs. which is on the file? From the IRS?
    I believe there will be lots of fraud this election.
  14. I got an unsolicited absentee ballot package in the mail. I prefer to go in person. I did that yesterday and the lady asked if I got a package in the mail. I said yes and she voided (or whatever) the mail ballot and showed me to the machine. It was just for a small (3 civil improvements) vote but they made sure I trashed (I shredded it) the ballot. Looks like more places should try keeping up with mail-in stuff....
  15. Breitbart ran that story this morning right after my aunt on my wife's side posted about being in favor of mail in ballots. She is a retired postal worker. What a surprise. If Barr and the DOJ doesn't get involved in this, the GOP will lose thru fraud. Just look at the last DNC convention. Subpoena that POS Commie Sanders to testify.
  16. I mean, pithy comments are fun, but it doesn't change reality.
  17. I know they compare signatures - my grandmother had one of her ballots rejected later in her life because her handwriting had gotten shakier. She had to go back to the Secretary of State or County Clerk (can't remember which) and re-validate her signature on file for her voter registration. That was back in the late '90s I think.

    With technology today, it's silly to think they don't, IMO.