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Larger Mags for G43 & G36

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Any advice on extra mags for my G43 (9mm) and G36 (.45) ? Looking for larger mags than the 6 plus 1 but since I am in MASS the limit I believe is 10 per mag. Went on Gun Mag Warehouse and found Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Glock 43 9mm 9 round Mag (SKU # GLK-43-9) and Glock Gen 4 Glock 21, 21SF, .45 ACP 10 Round Factory Mag (SKU # MF10021)

- Is this the best I can find out there or are there any other recomendations
- Will these work correctly with my 2 Glocks ?

Thank you all my new friends on GT

Here is the links to the 2 mags I am asking about:
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For G43, I have tried and shot extensively (i.e., 14K rounds) with MagGuts +1 and Pearce +1 (with Glock Store ext power mag spring) with great success - no feed issue at all.
I have also tested TTI +1 and +2 with success, but not as extensively... (I’ve only shot about a couple hundred rounds of my carry ammo to test them.)

Sorry, I have no experience with ETS magazines, as I generally do not trust aftermarket magazines, except Mec-Gar pistol magazines and Magpul AR magazines.
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