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Thank you again.

If I were to keep it simple and just go with the "Factory 6 Capacity Mag" (just get extra mags to fill at home before hitting the range) where would you buy those ?
I could not find them for sale on the Glock Site
He’s talking about “Glock Store” which is horribly overpriced on everything.

Here they are on Optics Planet. They have very good prices on things.

I have them and like them. I don’t normally use the G43 these days and wouldn’t carry like that. But the 10 round is a quick, easy option for more rounds when wearing a jacket or some place that uber concealment isn’t an issue.

Here’s a pic for comparison.

Left to right. Kimber Micro 9 with extended magazine (7 rounds), G33 (same size as G26), G43 with 10 round mag for illustration, and full size G22 RTF2 (same size as G17).

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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