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Larger Mags for G43 & G36

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Any advice on extra mags for my G43 (9mm) and G36 (.45) ? Looking for larger mags than the 6 plus 1 but since I am in MASS the limit I believe is 10 per mag. Went on Gun Mag Warehouse and found Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Glock 43 9mm 9 round Mag (SKU # GLK-43-9) and Glock Gen 4 Glock 21, 21SF, .45 ACP 10 Round Factory Mag (SKU # MF10021)

- Is this the best I can find out there or are there any other recomendations
- Will these work correctly with my 2 Glocks ?

Thank you all my new friends on GT

Here is the links to the 2 mags I am asking about:
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Here's what I'm running on my 43. Taran Tactical magazines and magazine extensions. They're not cheap but they work.

When I carry my 43 I have the +1 or +2 installed in the pistol and a +2 or +3 in my back pocket mag pouch. I've heard there were some issues with the earlier version but in my experience the newer versions work great. Not just with me but with other people who I know. As far as the ETS mags, I have no experience with them. If you do a forum search you should find some good info.

Re the 36, I carry it as is. And as heavyduty pointed out, the G21 mag will not work in your 36. (That's a typo / error on their website.)
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