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Lake Harmony, Gun Show!

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by Arc Angel, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Yesterday - Saturday, November 10th - my wife and I went to the Eagle Arms, Lake Harmony Gun Show. This one was a really big, crowded show! They had a lot of vendors, a lot of tables, and the aisles were only, about, 4 feet wide. (At times the crowd felt, almost, suffocating; but everybody got along well together.)

    Ed’s Sport Shop, one of my two most favorite NEPA gun shops, had a huge display of AR rifles and carbines laid out for sale along with an FN SCAR that had a $2700.00 price tag on it! Most of the AR’s were Rock River; one was a very nice Colt competition match rifle; and, were I buying another AR, that is the one I would have picked up.

    I was, kind ‘a, hoping the Frog Lube people would be there again; but I didn’t see them. (This time I would have coughed up the $25 dollar sale price and sprung for some of the stuff.) Neither did I see the JewelStik knife sharpener display. I could really use an extra-fine sharpening stick; but, I guess, it’ll have to wait until the next show.

    First thing I bought was a black cleaning mat with the Glock schematic imprinted on it. (I’ve decided to use it for both a cleaning mat as well as a mouse pad on my desk.) :supergrin: It’s a very well made mat; and I got it at the show price of $12 dollars! I couldn’t be happier; it’s made by, ‘Tekmat’; and, although it’s the same size as other factory mats I’ve seen (11” x 17”), it’s got a much larger Glock schematic picture and parts list, and none of that nonsensical crap about Glock’s, ‘three safeties’. (There are, actually, only two safeties on a Glock; but we won’t get into that now.) ;)

    While we were walking around two interesting, ‘people events’ happened to us. First, I got made! Hasn’t happened to me in, at least, the past 5 years; but my, ‘magic spell of invisibility’ was finally broken; and, now, I have to start all over again.

    I was standing in front of, ‘Tony’s Customs’ table; and I guess it was Tony, himself, who was sitting there right in front of me. Suddenly he looks straight at my beltline, and says; ‘That Glock you’re wearing has a beautiful custom barrel on it!’ I looked down in surprise, and realized that from where he was sitting he could look inside my unbloused shirt to see my EDC! I smiled at him, pushed my paddle holster farther towards my back; and replied, ‘It’s a Bar-Sto’. (5 years down the drain!)

    Tony’s, by the way, had the best assortment of custom AR parts and magazines at the show!

    Towards the end of the show my broken knee started to ache; and, seeing an empty chair next to two fellows talking together across a table I asked to sit down. Turns out I was sitting next to a young fellow who was buying a new G-19 (A very new G-19!). The dealer across the table (Whose chair I was sitting in.) was just finishing up the paperwork; and he was showing the customer how to remove the slide from the frame. (Must have been this young man’s first Glock, huh!) So, after the Glock comes apart, the dealer tells the buyer to just put the slide and frame right back together; and I, unable to silently sit there the way that I should have, interrupt with, ‘May I say something?’

    The dealer gave me a sideways glance; and I tell the young buyer, ‘Before you put that slide and frame back together again, always put your support thumb on top of the recoil guide rod, press down, and make sure the RSA is snugged up, nice ‘n tight, against the barrel’s assembly groove.’

    At which point the dealer (Whose chair I’m sitting in) gives me a look; and my wife, who was standing behind me, gave me a sharp elbow in the back! (Hey, he looked like a nice young man; and I thought I’d help him out.) So, trying to make amends I ask the dealer if he’d be able to order some Glock parts for me? He wants to know why; and I tell him that I’m having some BTF problems with my G-19. Rather than order me the parts, though, (Yes, he was an armorer.) the dealer tells me that the best thing I can do for myself is send my troublesome Glock back to the factory! (‘Where I’ll be taken real good care of.) ;)

    I thought to myself, ‘Are they ice skating in Hell?’ but I didn’t say anything more, smiled, and just relinquished the chair. On the way towards the door I passed, ‘CNC Survival Supply’; and, there on the table, are a dozen (50 count) boxes of Federal Premium, ‘HST, Law Enforcement, Tactical’ 9mm ammo. I was thinking to myself, ‘Good stuff’ when I noticed that one of the boxes said, ‘$25.00 each, includes state tax’. So I ask the pretty little girl behind the counter, ‘Are all these boxes $25 dollars each?’ She says, ‘Yes’; and, now, I’ve got two new boxes of 147 grain HP carry ammo.

    I don’t have a lot of experience with 9mm 147 grain bullets; so when I got home I pulled out my Speer manual, and read up on 147 grain 9mm bullets. I’m impressed! For use with my short-barreled Glock they should do very well. (These bullets are NOT for use in 9mm carbines.) Had I known the 147 grain 9mm is so highly regarded I would have purchased several more boxes!

    After the show we went to one of the Lake Harmony restaurants where my wife showed me a new silver neck chain she picked up for her beautiful flower-like, ‘cartridge head’ pendant that she bought at the last Lake Harmony gun show. (She, also, gave one of these pendants or a tie-tack - in the exact caliber each of them carries - to all of her gun toting sisters and their husbands. Everybody loved them!)

    So, that’s it! It was a good show; and I’m looking forward to the Spring. Oh, yeah, one other thing: For reasons I don’t quite understand this is the first gun show I’ve ever attended where the public was buying ammunition, literally, hand-over-fist! While we were there two buyers had to use large Home Depot type flatbed carts in order to take all their new ammunition out to their vehicles! (Maybe they were gun dealers?) Another ammo buyer came staggering back to the seller's table, put down an armload of 5.56mm ammo; and said, ‘It’s too heavy for me to carry.’ ‘I’ll come back for the rest.’ (Frigg ‘in unreal!) It was a brisk show; and I watched a lot of merchandise and money change hands. :thumbsup:
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