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Kyle Defoor 2-Day Pistol & Carbine - Nov 9-10, 2013 – Virginia Beach, VA

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    Kyle Defoor 2-Day Pistol & Carbine - Nov 9-10, 2013 – Virginia Beach, VA.


    Kyle Defoor


    Kyle Defoor is a former Special Mission Unit combat decorated Navy SEAL and sniper who served in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Bronze Star w/Valor for actions in Operation Anaconda. Kyle teaches firearms and tactics to military and law enforcement personnel throughout the United States. He offers marksmanship related open enrollment classes to qualified civilians.


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    Kyle Defoor 2-Day Pistol & Carbine - Nov 9-10, 2013 – Virginia Beach, VA

    The 2-Day Pistol/Carbine course is recommended for those that have attended shooting courses before or who have a thorough understanding of pistol/carbine basics and already have safe gun handling skills.

    Topics covered will include;
    •Accessories,weapon setup, slings, gear, sights, optics, ballistics, cleaning/lube
    • safety
    • fundamentals
    • accuracy
    • positions, transitions
    • speed
    • barricades
    • shooting on the move
    • reloads
    • malfunctions
    • multiple targets
    • running with both weapons
    • shooting under stress, shooting tests
    • night shoot
    • projection, awareness, land marking, mindset

    This class is designed for experienced shooters to fill the void for a class that hits all aspects of pistol and carbine shooting quickly and effectively, AND make the most time for those on a tight schedule or those that have limited training days available. Please try and show up with some sort of zero on your carbine. This is a hugely popular class with military units and some LE units; however, it’s not a class for the inexperienced.

    Absolutely NO VIDEO OR AUDIO. Some drills require physical exertion and an elevated heart rate. Military and LE members are welcomed, encouraged to wear their gear and weapons as they would for their application. Days are typically 9-10 hours in length with a short lunch break. Certificates are given upon successful completion of shooting tests.

    Instructor: Kyle Defoor

    Class dates: Nov 9-10, 2013

    Cost: $525

    Location: Virginia Beach, VA

    C2 Shooting Center, Inc
    6025 Marvin Road
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23457

    Weapon & Gear Requirements:
    - Eye and ear pro
    - 1000 rds of ammo. 500 Pistol, 500 Carbine (approx) may be more, may be less depending on students
    - Serviceable carbine with at least 2 magazines per
    -Serviceable pistol with at least 2 magazines per
    - weapon mounted light for carbine
    -Handheld light or weapon mounted light for pistol
    - Minimum 1 mag pouch per gun
    - Weapon cleaning/maintenance kit
    - Appropriate weather/seasonal items
    - Food/water as needed by individual
    - Have a rough zero for carbine (email if you have questions)
    - Good attitude

    To sign-up for this class please use this link to the Alias Training website sign-up page for this class;

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;