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KVM switch

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I got a pre-owned "package deal" on a computer, and it came with a KVM switch that appears new... My original PC died before I could transfer files - so I am selling the KVM switch. New prices (just checked Staples) seem to be $72.99 + taxes.
I'll sell this one shipped for $55.00 OBO.

This is a Belkin KVM switch and the picture is of the one being sold.
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bump! cause this is new and really good deal and surely SOMEONE needs to connect two computers...:supergrin:

thanks for correction...never used the KVM - new to me!
Free bump and also just to assist the poster this won't really help you transfer files between two computers on its own. It just allows you to use one monitor, mouse and keyboard(KVM=Keyboard, Video & Mouse) for two seperate computers. Still very handy though, I use one myself.
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