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Kudos to Fenix customer service

  1. I recently lost the tailcap on my Fenix PD-32 (don't ask!) and e-mailed them about purchasing a new tailcap. A gentleman by the name of Colt Blevins emailed me back on Thursday 08/02 and said to email him the serial number and my mailing address and they would send me a new one.

    Today, Monday 08/06, a new Fenix PD-32 tailcap arrived in the mail, no charge. Simple things like this make me happy. Thanks Colt!

    Mike :supergrin:
  2. No substitute for good CS.
  3. Nice!

    Best advertising in the world is positive word of mouth.
  4. Fenix and Streamlight are my “go to” lights.

    I gifted someone a Microstream and they used it so much on a construction job that the tail cap wore out. I contacted Streamlight and they sent me one free of charge.
  5. Actually, that's funny because that is exactly how I got my PD-32 - my brother-in-law gave it to me...
  6. I'm so embarassed :oops: ...I had no idea what a Fenix was. 'Sounds like a decent company, glad you got the part.
  7. I own several Fenix lights, and although I've never had the need to try their customer service, I can say that i'm very happy with their products!.
  8. Anybody have any experience with Jetbeam CS? My T4Pro just went down.

    Never needed Customer Service for my Fenixes.
  9. I own at least a half dozen Fenix lights, great customer service and the best value in flashlights out there IMHO.
  10. Awesome

    Great to hear