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Knoxx SpecOps question

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Kona2004, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Kona2004


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    Jan 20, 2009
    Northern Kentucky
    I recently ordered the Knoxx SpecOps for my 590A1. I love the look and feel (so does my shoulder). I put 40 slugs through it over the weekend and couldn't believe how much it truly reduced the recoil.

    After the first five or so rounds, when a shot was fired, the trigger guard would kind of go into the opening at the front of the pistol grip. I'm sure it did it on those first few rounds but actually returned itself on its own and I never noticed. The trigger actually ended up almost lined up with the front of the pistol grip. When I ejected the round and slid the forend forward to load the next round, it would pop out. Is this normal or did I over/under tighten the stock when installing it?

    I had read somewhere that the 590 has a plastic trigger guard which is a little narrower than the metal guard on the 590A1. Could that be causing it? It's not really a huge issue for me, just seems odd.