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Know your limit!!!

  1. It's A-s-s-hats like that that give the rest of us a bad name.

    Side note...why do some people get bent outta shape when they get passed? Like they somehow take it personally, and therefore speed up. I don't really care if someone wants to go faster than me. Go right ahead. Be sure to flush out any radar while you're up there in front of me. Thanks!
  2. I don't know why people get bent out of shape when they get passed either. I've seen riders going slower than molasses who purposely block faster riders from passing then get all pissed off when they got buzzed. I go my pace and faster/better riders are more than welcome to pass by me, just do me the favor of not doing a stupid inside pass or buzz me. Or when I come up to slower riders, do me a favor and pull over a bit and wave me by.
  3. This ain't limited to bikes either. Cagers have the same problem! I go a set speed on car or bike. IF it's faster it's faster. Why do people feel the need to set one speed for everyone? I hate that. They're usually left lane bandits as well.

    I've gone 90 on a certain interstate every day and passed almost everyone. I've had a train of 8, that's right 8 vehicles behind me. I moved over as soon as possible and all of them passed me. I could care less if they go faster than 90, that's their perogative. Plus, it flushes out radars.

    I don't mind running intereference for others as well. My ass, my ticket.
  4. Wow.
  5. That is one heck of a good helicopter pilot, there wasn't much room between those trees.
  6. funny I was thinking the same thing
  7. i was thinking the same thing about the passers.. i couldn't care less if i pass anyone or if they pass me as long as they or i dont buzz em...
    but i see it all the time on bikes and in cars.. they get all pissy.
  8. i had an accident on my bike 7-7-07 imagine that,,
    just at about 35 , around a 55 blind right corner, And i went to the hospital air lifted with lacerated spline.. ALL becouse some ass whipe stopped in the middle of the blind curve to try to stop all traffic from going past him, While another car was parked along side of him on a 2 lane road, 1 lane each direction, ITs BS...50 yards behind the other cars sitting in the road becouse of another accident ahead.

    OH yeah, forgot to mention, i DID have on my Joe rocket speedmaster suit and it kept me from getting cut up, when bike slid under the truck, and went betweent the truck and car talking to each other,

    Bike was totalled i spent 5 days in ER.
  9. I never could figure that out either. Although I've noticed when I get passed on my bike, I unconsciously pull a little on the throttle occasionally. Just human nature I guess (I don't get pissed off though because I'm being passed!) I do get irritated when I get buzzed by a bike that passes me in my lane though.