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A little note before I list all the knives. All of the knive are NIB. None are used in anyway. There is such a list that I can't post pics of them, so, please look at the manufacturer's website for info. If that is still not enough then contact me. Also, I did not price these. The prices come from my friend, and they do not include shipping. The only ones that I know will need pics are the customs. So with no further delay

*Master's of Defense
Stinger $135
Scorpion $65
Small Tactical Fighter Blk. Plain edge $80
Small Tac. Hunter Blk. ser. Auto $100
Small Tac. Hunter plain edge $80
Small Tac Hunter ser Blk Auto $100
Dieter CQD Mark I ser Blk. $200
Keating "Hornet" ser. Blk $125

UMS $140
Halo II $320 Auto
MSE w seatbelt cutter plain edge $190 Auto
Option II plain edge $100
Mini UDT combo edge $90 Auto
Hawk combo edge Green Auto $150
UTX70 carbon fiber combo edge $225

Emerson---I'm sorry all of those sold before I got the list

Rescue Hook $25
707 1st prod. 200/1000 $85
160 $50
350 $60
730 $85

Trident $200
Pentagon Elite $75
s21 Gov't Agent $80

Chris Reeve
Green Beret 5.5 in $250
Hersy fighter Buds $325

Brent Beshara

Tanto Bevel fighter 4in, 5.5in, and 7in
(4in, $200 5.5in. $250 7in. $300)
Wedgetechnologies $1000

TOPS Tac Ops Fixed Blade $180
Norris Sheffield Bowie $850
Willie Hayes Tactical Bowie $650
Willie Hayes Teflon Fighter $650
Spyderco Moran Point $50
Mission Diving Knife $190
Columbia River M16 14FD $60
Lone Wolf Double Duty plain edge G-10 handles $150
Case Freemasonry Comm. Knife $75

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can you tell me about the blades on these?
satin or black finish.
blade shape plain or partially serrated (halo)

Halo II $320 Auto
MSE w seatbelt cutter plain edge $190 Auto
Hawk combo edge Green Auto $150


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Could you give details on the Microtech UMS please? CE,PE, Color of handle and blade? Does it come with the sheath, box?
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