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knife shipping blues

  1. Magandang araw mga sirs. Pasingit lang ng query. How do you ship your blades from the states? UPS? Fed-Ex? Wala ba hassle pagdating dito sa pinas? Dadaan pa ba sa customs? May epekto ba gunban season sa knife shipment? Emerson SOCFK yung item. Thnks in advance guys.
  2. malamang dumaan ng customs, it happened to mtho
  3. has anyone ordered online from The Knife Center?

    parang ang laki ng mura e.
  4. So what happens if the knife passes through Customs? Do you have to claim the item at their main office in Metro Manila? How much duty is levied on imported knives?
  5. It depends, sometimes it held, sometimes they bastards ask for "lagay", sometimes your item disappears. Most of the time you just have to pay extra tax or something. When I bought a Sebenza a few years ago, they held my knife because of incomplete duties or something. Paid around 3,500(!?!?!?!) so they released it to me.

    No experience with the Knife Center...check out online reviews about their service, most places have reviews on bladeforums or something.
  6. Magpunta kayo sa mga get-togethers tapos doon natin pag-usapan. Bawal kasi dito baka magalit yung mga bagong moderators. :supergrin:
  7. Thanks for the info, KS. In this case it would probably be best to buy the item from a local store if it's available. Less headaches about the item getting "lost" in transit or stuff like that.
  8. Hi Paul,
    Pwede naman siguro ito. Ang bawal lang pag-usapan kung paano palulusutin sa customs ng illegal.
  9. Sir KS, anong ginamit mong courier?

    Sir Batangueno, saan at kelan ga mga meetings nyo?

    Mga sirs, medyo nakakakaba nga magpadala ng galing abroad. Kaso may specific knife talaga na gusto mo e. Nagtatanong ang kaibigan ko from the states kung makakarating ba if ups or fedex ang gamit. Anyway, sana nga makarating. I will definitely pay customs kung kailangan. Wag lang talaga mawala.

    Next time, sa SOE na lang ako pa order para sure...:laughabove:
  10. As long as customs will give you OR that is fine, pero kung lagay lang huwag mo nang i-tolerate. Sa SOE ka na lang mag-order.
  11. 3 months ago nag-try ako mag-order online sa speedshooter ng magwell but until now wala ako nare-receive,kailangan po ba sa custom ko i-claim ung item?
  12. seahorse - Get the tracking number from the vendor. That is gun part and "could" be among the bawal.
  13. Kung UPS, Fedex, or DHL shipping dadating yan dito. Ang problema lang mahal ang shipping. Kung gusto nyo makatipid try USPS Express Mail (EMS) shipping. Door to door delivery din yan. If the item you are shipping costs less than $50 then no taxes will be charged.
  14. I apologize for riding with this thread but I just wanted to ask you experience with this off-shore store.

    Nakakarating naman yong mga orders nyo?

    How do you transact? Credit card payments? Safe site ba ito?

    Thanks for your inputs
  15. ok thanks sir vega

  16. i was able to order once before, matagal na. oks naman. they shipped it by ups or fed ex, i couldn't recall. it was delivered straight to my house. just signed for it. i used a credit card in making the purchase. verisign secured ang site.everything was okay kaso there was one big problem kaya hindi na naulit yung pag oorder ko via online. dumating two knives instead of one (same knife). and they shipped the wrong item- i ordered a kydex sheath for the spyderco endura, they gave me a kydex sheath for the delica. i didn't bother to return them. hassle pa. this was long before i learned of soe. sayang. sa huli talaga ang pagsisisi. :sad:
  17. brougt in 6 knives with me from the US: a spyderco delica, a gerber col applegate, a benchmade pica tanto.two smith and wesson give away knives and a letherman.
    I had no problem with customs.for referrence I posted a link to TSA, which says that its legal to bring in knives as long as they are in your check in baggage. I dont know how it can be different from mailing it.check out the link below, although shipping pinauusapan, mas mahirap naman kung dala mo ciguro sa bagahe.

  18. Entirely right, very legal to bring outside of US but TSA does not cover the law in the Phil. It would help if it covers both laws of the land. We have one member who bought a mags from TopGlock. It is legal for TG to ship it out of USA but illegal to bring it in the Phil without the necessary docs and permit.
  19. Yes it's ok. the last time I brought a Samurai replica from here in KSA it was ok as long as it is in my check-in baggage, yung Victorinox ko nakumpiska kasi sa aking routine na nakasabit sa baywang aba eh pasakay na lang ng eroplano may swiss knife pa sa baywang eh di yun confiscated.

  20. Did you tell them na may samurai ka sa check-in luggage? Is it sharpened? How long was the samurai (I'm wondering kung pano mo nailagay sa luggage eh).