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Knife fighting/defense on Nov 6th

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Scott 40S&W, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Oct 4, 2005
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    Centerfire Training will host Paul Gay for a dynamic 8 hour course on using the common folding knife. This is a very important training for several reasons. There is no background check required to purchase a knife so everyone can carry one. Knives do not run out of ammunition. Knife wounds are visible and induce fear, as much as, if not more than handgun wounds. It is legal to carry a knife in more places than a handgun. For traveling overseas you can pack a dive knife or you can pick up a knife when you arrive and discard it before you return. I have taken a knife to Canada, Mexico, France, Belgium and several islands. Just look at how much damage was done with a $2 box cutter on 9/11. Don't wait till it is too late to learn this valuable material.

    Do not buy a knife for this class, bring what you have. You will learn about the features that make a quality knife. If you don't have one let me know and I'll provide one for training.

    Please register on before Nov 1st.