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Knife carry in Kentucky... Spydero Delica

  1. Is it ok to carry a delica in KY without liscence?? I plan on getting my carry permit but don't have one yet. Any KY LEOs or Kentucky owners please chime in.:supergrin:
  2. If it's an auto-opener, no carry without a permit.

    The statute is vague enough, though. It specifies "other than an ordinary pocket knife" when speaking about probhibited knives. If it's an assisted opener, you should be OK.
  3. The delica is a standard lockback capable of one hand opening with a blade of less than three inches. I think it's kosher, but the kentucky statute is very vague. I guess it's left up officer's call. Most cops I've had contact with are good people. I've also got a mini Manix on order.
  4. There's no blade length specified in the statute, so that doesn't matter all that much...although a 10 inch folder might not meet the "ordinary" wording.

    Sounds like an assisted opener, which to my knowledge, is perfectly OK. There's a lot of discretion as to what could be considered "ordinary", so yeah, the officer's decision could be the end all/be all.

    But, you shouldn't have a problem. I say that, because one knife clip inside a pocket looks pretty much identical to the next knife clip in a pocket. If you have a negative encounter with LE types, and get frisked, then you "might" have to worry, but you're probably gonna be in more trouble that a mere misdemeanor charge at that point anyway.

    While not a street officer, I can't for the life of me, find any real reason to charge you for CCW by carrying that knife. Of course, I'd tell a non-permit holder* who's carrying to either carry it openly, or put it up, instead of arresting them. I'm just that kinda guy...:supergrin:

    * qualification to that statement:

    Assuming the non-permit holder isn't a thug-type, or a drunken idiot who's running his mouth, etc.
  5. Simple enough,

    A Delica is fine, the Endura is large enough to make police question "why?".

    The Delica is a great size knife that's dependable and useful.

  6. Meh, I carried the police model for over a decade without a peep, but that's just anecdotal evidence.