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KKM/LW won't shoot my HC bullets ???

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by CanyonMan, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. 10mmted


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    Sep 2, 2012
    I am inferring from your posts that you shoot HC lead through an OEM Glock barrel. I bought some Buffalo Bore 220 grain HC lead for black bear defence but was then told that these shold not be shot in an OEM glock barrel.

    Can you please confirm or deny this for me?

    Thank you
  2. dm1906

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    Sep 7, 2010
    PRK (Kalifornia)
    CanyonMan is offline for a while, but I can answer your question. Yes, he did/does shoot HC bullets through his OEM Glock barrel. I do too, a lot.

    The general rule is, don't. The reason is a higher occurrence of leading, due to the design of the bore "rifling". If you do, spend some time watching your performance, and check the bore often for excessive leading. The "problem" isn't so much the lead, but the bullet diameter and the Glock bore. This is why some Glocks lead, and some don't. If you are going to shoot lead often, I suggest you slug your bore, and make sure the bullets you are shooting are of sufficient diameter. For traditional rifling, an oversize of .001" may be enough, while some Glock bores seem more happy with .002". The use of a gas check may help if it's on the smaller side. The BB round is a plain-base bullet, and they don't specify the actual bullet diameter, other than the .400" caliber. They advertise velocities for the Glock pistols and don't advise against it, so it's functional at least (not to mention it's popular with Glock shooters).

    If you have the rounds already, either fire some test rounds to settle your concern, or return them and get a suitable jacketed round. If you have only 1 or 2 boxes, and actually get excessive leading, you can shoot up what you have before it becomes an issue. The "high round count" that can cause issues is a lot more than you'll be shooting at any one session, and certainly a LOT more than what you'll need to dispatch a bear. A typical session with mine is more than 200 rounds of lead bullets. I will have some leading at the end of the day, but it's minimal, and cleans up easy enough. If you're still apprehensive, return/sell your BB rounds, and buy a suitable jacketed round, such as Underwood's 200 gr. XTP, or 200 gr. TMJ (Speer) if you require a solid bullet.

  3. Any Cal.

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    Oct 27, 2008
    I shot commercial hardcast in the factory barrel, but they leaded up pretty good in my case after a few. Sort of a non-issue, you can still shoot them 'til the barrel gets too full of lead, then you have to clean it.
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  4. CanyonMan

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    Jul 26, 2002
    Was trotting buy.....

    Mi Amigo's. Many of you have sent emails and PM's and stayed in touch, and man I really appreciate all of you that have been doing this. Keep it up !

    Just an update to answer some questions "all at once" here, then I am back to my "GT Sabbatical."

    Sold the G29, and sent the KKM back to KKM. Then a couple weeks ago in the mail I had another KKM and opened it, and it was for a G29 ????? !!! So I called and they said, well, we wanted you to be a happy camper so we fixed this puppy up for ya and sent it to ya free of charge ! On the house ! It ought to work as per how you wanted it to now with those cast bullets.. (remember the theme of this thread was my BT 200gr cast would not load into the new KKM for the G29)

    I said , 'Wow, are you guys the greatest, but this one won't work either..... Because I SOLD the G29.." Haha.

    Kevin, (at KKM) said, " Well you got a G20 don't ya."? Yep, I replied. He said, "We will just send you a new barrel for your G20 On the house and ready to go for your needs."

    I said...(without a nano speck of hesitation. FINE ! Cool ! ).

    I got it recently, and discovered some really cool things, and one really dumb thing on MY part !

    The really cool thing is, the new KKM for the G20SF (see below) Now loads my HC 200gr, 180gr, 135gr, at 1.255.

    Remember, I been loading 200gr and 180gr HC's for ever in the stock barrel with BD at 1300fps, and 1.260

    So, I dummy loaded a Hunter Supply, and a DT 200gr, and at 1.255 they "plop' right in like champs and I will now be able to adjust my BD, but still remain at 1300fps ! Very sweet !

    Now, when I tried the BT 200gr Dummy load, I found out what a dummy I really was. (actually "forgetfull) "!

    They would again, NOT go in all the way in the new KKM... ??? What is this, I yelled !

    I looked at the "box" the BT's came in and saw it ! Then remembered, I had ordered them all way back in the day at .402, and been using them with tremendous accuracy and results at 1300fps in the OEM barrel using BD.

    The HS, and the DT HC bullets measured... You guest it ! .401 !

    SOOOO, All .401 HC I have dropping down to 1.255, from my 1.260, (which we know is nothing) ALL work fantastic in the new KKM G20SF !

    Go ahead and laugh... One day 'you two' may get to be 61, and forget stuff ! :tongueout:

    So, my good friends, I close with a few pics, and ride off once again, and say adios until.................?

    Thanks again, for ALL the emails and PM's. Always welcome !






    My Stetson is off to Kevin and Luke at KKM ! I can not think of how in the world a guy could be treated any better than I have been by this really great company, and the honest stand up guys that own operate it... Thanks guys at KKM !!!!

    Stay safe everyone, and be blessed !

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