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KKM 6" hunting barrel on a G21sf?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by DIRTYHARRYWITHAGLOCK, Jul 23, 2010.



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    Feb 9, 2010
    Huntsville, TX
    Hey yall, I was wondering if it is really worth the money to get a KKM 6" barrel on my G21sf. I go hunting alot in south tx and like to shoot coyots and hogs with my pistols. Currently I use my G35 with 180gr gold dots. Is there a great difference in trajectory between a 6" barrel in my G21sf or my 5.32" G35? Any suggests or experience would be nice.

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  2. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

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    Jul 26, 2002

    Hey DHWG,

    First off I live in TX. so I know how small our coyotes are. Next, I will tell ya straight up, there is no real practical reason for the 6" KKM just to shoot coyotes, over the stock barrel of that G21, "UNLESS you reload".

    Your G35 is going to shoot a little flatter than the 45acp, in the first place. In the second place, the extra barrel length of the kkm is not really that big a deal. I have a 6" barrel and it has not been that great an asset imo. If you want to pick up a bit more speed and a little better trajectory with that 21, and save some $$$, then I would suggest 185gr bullets instead of the favored 230gr for the 45 auto, on the coyotes. At lest you'll gain a tad better trajectory. Just a little.

    I carry a 45acp EDC 'in town'. Even the little G36 with a 3" barrel will reach out further than people think, but not ideal over my M1911.

    If you want to shoot coyotes with the G21, my simple suggestion to you is like I said, drop down to 185 bullet, (i prefer the XTP over the GD's for 'hunting anything', they get far better penetration, and will travel a tad flatter) like the XTP, and just load and go. Either gun is not much more than a 50 yard gun any way, 'practically speaking.' If you want to really reach out I'd suggest a 357mag. But I have shot both of these enough to know, as you do, that they can still reach out 50/75 yards "with accuracy" (for 'some' folks).

    Bottom line is your 180gr G35 is enough, and will shoot a 'tiny bit' flatter than anything you use out of the 45. But if you want to play with the 45 (we all do), then I suggest you drop to a 185gr XTP. Hope you hand load. If not, the above suggestion is a valid one. Without reloading, it is kinda 6 of 1and half a dozen of another here. ;)


    Good hunting


  3. alwaysshootin


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    Nov 14, 2005
    If you are going to pay the price for a KKM barrel, and have a G21, get the 10MM conversion barrel, and a G20 magazine. A 6" barrel in 45 ACP isn't going to make a world of difference over standard 45 balistics. The 10 with the right load "way" outshines anything the 45 acp, or 40 smith can offer. Just throwing Ideas at you, hope it's considered!
  4. 21Glock


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    Jan 3, 2010
    outside Atlanta, GA.

    I offer another alternative. I'm just now getting into the .45 SUPER. Thanks to the fine folks here on GT letting me know about it. I think it can be loaded up in a properly configured G-21SF like mine(6" Lone Wolf SS barrel, 21lb. ISMI recoil spring,SS guide rod, new Starline .45 Super brass) to match and maybe even surpass the 10mm, especially with the 200-230gr. slugs. Look at all the load data on this forum in The Big Dawgs Club.
    Mine, according to the .45 Super specs on can throw a 230gr. slug at 1150-1180 fps.
    That is considerable power coming out a Glock 21SF.