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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by lomfs24, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Apr 19, 2003
    I have used kismet for a while now but I have never gotten into all the details of it until recently. Today I took about a 300 mile trip and came up with just under 200 networks. Not bad for rural america where that would seem like more networks than houses.

    NE way. I got a couple weird things happen that I have never had happen. Kismet was autogrouping some networks that seemed to be unrelated. It was grouping them under a heading of <Data Networks>. Any ideas why that would be?

    I also had a warning come up. It said, "Warning- suspicous client probing networks but never participating" and then it would give a MAC address of the client. But it was not anything even near my MAC address and it happened for about 50 miles on a rural highway. Coming back I got the same message only with a differnet MAC address that was still no where near mine. I always thought that signaled another "active" sniffer like Netstumbler. I couldn't imagine three people doing the same thing on a 60 mile stretch of rural highway.

    Third thing that is just a curious note. I was using a prism2 based card made by EnGenius. It has two plugs for the antenna. One is a normal send/recieve plug and the other is for recievce diversity. When I was going down, I was plugged into the side that is for recieve diversity and I got a few more networks than when I was coming back and was plugged into the other connector. Also when I was going down I picked up some networks that looked normal but when I was plugged into the send/recieve side those same networks had their SSID cloaked. Just thought that was interesting.

    I will be making the same trip next week, I will try it again and see if it happens agian.

    The other thing that was odd was that I got GPS to work with it. But the heading and speed that Kismet showed rarely, if ever, matched the screen on my GPS unit it was connected to. For the most part the marking of networks is fairly accurate though.

    I have not tried the GPS thing in a town where you would be traveling around and through neighborhoods. I will try that tomorrow.
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    Aug 9, 2002
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    Some cards report itself as stumbling. You can specify MACs to ignore in the conf.

    The author of Kismet never thanked me in the docs for some of the patches I sent him :(