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I have talked to Kisan and asked if they could get us a discount by doing a group buy. I do not work for them nor have I ever had any experience with them. They make a tail light modulator that is a direct plug in with no wiring! Here is the info on the group buy:

I have the Group Code setup now. It is "ANV-628"

1) Discount code for this group buy will end on June 28th 2009.
2) Participating Group riders type-in the code "ANV-628" in the 'Comment' section during checkout
3) At the end of the promotion, Kisan will post appropriate discount, based on the total units purchased.
4) Discounts are credited back to the original credit card used.
5) All Kisan manufactured products are eligible except products listed below
6) tireAlert and Combo products do not qualify for group discounts

Discounts are calculated as:

10 or more orders: 15% discount
25 or more: 20% discount
50 or more: 25% discount

They're website is:

The more orders we get, the better the discount so please post where you think people woule be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]
I will get back to you sooner that way!
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