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Kirby Vacuums

  1. Let's talk about these. I have always wanted one, but I do not want: 1)strange and pushy sales people in my home, and 2) their full retail prices

    Thinking about buying them used. See them in pawn shops and CL. Anyone have one? How do you like it?
  2. Why do you want a Kirby? What makes them special?
  3. They're the Rolls Royces of vacuums. Best motor, will last decades, STRONG suction
  4. because the can reload your ammo , and pressure wash your house and change oil in your cars . thats special to me :cool::supergrin:
  5. I personally follow the 'purchase a cheapy for 50$ every two years' replacement plan. I know Kirbys have a great reputation but the price is ridiculous.
  6. I'm talking buying a used one for less than $200
  7. We've owned one, but for the money and performance the Oreck is a better product. And a lot more user friendly.
  8. Get yourself a used one. We purchased a used G4 and love it. I have the shampooer for it too. Great vacuum.
  9. have had one for 20 years. pro -- it sucks great. cons -- price and heavy.

    your choice.
  10. I used to sell Kirbys. They are heavy and clunky and have a lot of suck and last forever.
    That's why a lot of places like hotels use them.

    In the home however, You will find that the heavy and clunky vastly overshadows any advantages of the machine and the price is ridiculous compared to a smaller, lighter machine that will do the same thing.

    Yes, the Kirby will outlast the cheaper machine but for the same price you can buy 3 or 4 others.
    If you are a rug cleaning connoisseur, however, Kirby is the way to go. Get the shampooer and fluffer too.
  11. I used to sell them. They are overpriced garbage.

    100% marketing and sales, the product is mediocre at best.
  12. dyson..ftw
  13. a) Hype

    b) The refusal to believe/admit that you fell for the hype.
  14. Get a Rainbow. I have a Kirby sitting in my outside building doing nothing. Its just a dirt bag waiting to unload when u turn it on.
  15. Great for working out! :nsb:
  16. If you don't want a pushy sales person in your house, find a Kirby dealer and buy one from the showroom floor.

    As for the rest, I've had the kirby for... 20 years, maybe a bit more. One problem with it, had to splice the electrical cord when it got pinched during a move. Still goes strong. Have one for the downstairs that we're on the 3 or 4th one in 6 yrs of living in the same house. (one of the machines we replace was an ORECK, it didn't like pet hair and would clog at the drop of a hair clump.)

    You get what you pay for.
  17. Listen to the two guys who use to sell Kirbys. Then go out and buy a Dyson Animal.

  18. Sounds like my prom date

    *drum roll*

    Thank you... thank you..

    im here all week, try the prime rib!
  19. Funniest. Post. Ever. Or at least for today!:rofl:

  20. Do the Rainbows still use the water filter? I got conned into going to a Rainbow salesman seminar once. It was embarrassing.

  21. Rainbows are great if you like having soaking wet carpet.
  22. I came home 10 years ago to a Kirby G-2000 in my living room. Our last 2 houses have central vac, and we've never used it because the kirby does a MUCH better job.

    Now all that said, one of Kirby's selling points is that it does 2,000,000 things. We used it once to shampoo and it sucked (pun not intended). So it's a $750 vacuum cleaner.

    my wife was sold when they did thew demo. she had just vacuumed with our dyson, and the kirby guy put a "disc" to show what he picked up after vacuuming an already "clean" floor. The amount of crap it picked up on a "clean" rug was impressive.
  23. Funny that this post pops up now. I just ran a pushy Kirby salesman off
    my front porch yesterday. Bye bye...
  24. A pushy vacuum cleaner salesman had my neighbor almost at the point of signing on the dotted line, when I happened by. I told her to forget it and buy her a new vacuum cleaner every year or two forever for what one of these things cost. She thanks me every time she sees me for my advice.
  25. My wife bought a Kirby many years ago. Its like plowing without the mule.

    If you want to see how it is to use one, put a 50 lb. bag of fertilizer flat on your carpet and pull it around with a rope. Also, they are uprights, so that if you install the hose and try to pull it around, it falls over and you are constantly standing it back up.

    Frankly, I'd rather have a nasty floor than use one.

    Predictably, I see there's a recommendation for a Rainbow. I have friends in the Rainbow business and have experience with Rainbows. I would never spend more than a thousand bucks on a vacuum cleaner. Especially one without a retractable cord. It would be like buying a Mercedes without air conditioning. Also don't like having to have a bucket of nasty water around just for a quick vacuum of a dirty spot.

    This months Consumer Reports has a vacuum evaluation article. It might be worth a read for you.
  26. The new ones have an automatic transmission and you can pull it around with two fingers! My SIL has one. I still wouldn't buy one though.
  27. On the rear of the unit there is a see-saw type switch. Push down on the right side with your foot an viola, it is self propelled and pushes and pulls with two fingers.

    I have any numbers of vacuums and a Kirby. I bought a used G4 on Ebay with shampooer for under $250. It is versatile, cleans better than any other, and is easy to use (see my first paragraph).

    However, regarding the "test" that Kirby people do to show you how well the Kirby cleans, it is a bit of trickery. If your vacuum uses bags the minute you begin to use it the suction begins to weaken until you put in a new bag.

    If I take the bag off my Kirby and put a small cloth over the bag filler neck, then vacuum a spot after you have vacuumed with your vacuum and old bag, the Kirby will pick up dirt. It is not having its suction diminished by the clogged up pores in the old bag. ;)

    I woould not pay the price for a new one; however.
  28. That is not a new feature. ;)
  29. +1 Never use it now. Use a lighter cheap one.
  30. LOL

    Imagine driving your car all those years without realizing you have an auto transmission.
  31. Had a reconditioned one growing up, when my dad worked for Scott&Fetzer. Have a floor model now. Works great. My 7 yr old can push it just fine (it has the auto transmission). She can't carry it up the stairs by herself, though. I've used it to shampoo the carpet - works as well as any rental piece I've had for that, but not as well as the professional carpet guys. I've used it to suck the air out of storage bags. It does nine million other things I've never tried. All I really care about is that it vacuums great and the dog hair and snake skins don't clog it (don't ask).

  32. I bought a refurbished one from a vacuum shop. It was less than $200 with the attachments. It came with a two year warranty that included belts and bags. The thing has worked flawlessly, that was over twenty years ago.

    I bought another at the flea market. The power outlet it was plugged into didn't work and the owner sold it for $10. All I wanted was the smaller head and a spare bag, although my 20 year old bag is fine (still talking vacuums now) so I didn't care if the motor worked. Brought it home, plugged it in and it works. Felt bad for the guy that sold it, but he should have checked his power source.

    Always shake my head at men that snivel when a tool that is built like a tank is too heavy. Like maybe they'll wrinkle their dress from handling it.
  33. I went to a friends house one time and a Kirby salesman was tryin to sell Joe one. The salesman asked me what kind of vac I had, and I answered a Dirtdevil, he said his Kirby would clean circles around my Dirtdevil, I said it damn well better at four timed the price:upeyes::rofl::rofl:
  34. As always.....the haters chime in. Its a great vacuum and will last for many, many years. Bottom line is that its a quality product. Would I buy one off a salesman...........no. Check eBay. You can get a good deal.

    I bought bags in bulk pretty cheap opn eBay too. The self-propeling feature is nice.
  35. My parents have had one for probably 20 years. They're awesome.
  36. I'm a owner of a vacuum shop. We sell dyson,panasonic,dirt devil,hoover and a couple lesser known brands also.

    Kirby comes strait down to pure cleaning power. Its heavy but self propelled it gets down deep into the carpet and can take the beating of just about anything being sucked threw it. If you want power that going to last 20+ years its your vacuum. There is nothing that cant be rebuilt on a kirby if you break it.

    Dyson- if you like your vacuums to be pretty with shiney purple parts and dont care alot about how long it last there a good vacuum. However since im one of there leading service centers im less then impressed with them for what they charge retail.

    Shoot me a pm and ill hook you up on a refurb kirby if your interested.