King Cobra Evolution 5 Holster

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    Ladies & Gent's I bring to your attention, quite possibly the worst holster ever made for a GLOCK.

    This is what they say about it..

    The King Cobra Evolution 5 Holster is constructed of tough polymer and has a level 3 retention system.

    The pistol will ‘clunk’ nicely in place and can be firmly secured. The three points of retention are: thumb break, a lock on the thumb break, and a push button modular lock that is activated with the tip of the thumb while pushing the hand onto the pistol. This combination provides a high level of retention without impacting on draw speed.

    The thumb break and modular lock can be removed to leave a single level retention. The holster comes with two different sized belt plates so it can be worn high or ‘drop leg’.

    The high specification of this holster, in conjunction with the high level of retention it provides, makes it suitable for use by the British police.

    Note: If you are a police unit commander and wish to trial and evaluate this holster, please call as this can be arranged.

    Designed for Glock 17, the Glock 19 is equally at home here

    What they fail to mention is that if you try to sit down wearing this holster, the flexing material makes contact with your Magazine release and you mag promptly slips out and hit the floor or is left behind you on your seat ! And a bargaing at about $130.00