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Kind of an odd question...

  1. If you could, hypothetically, shoot a GSSF match with something other than a Glock...is there something else out there that you could score better with?

    I'm not thinking of unlimited type guns, but a standard Glock with allowable mods versus some other type of stock (9mm or larger caliber) pistol with a trigger job and good sights.

    Has anyone here shot a GSSF setup in practice with a non-Glock? If so, how different was your time/score?

    Just curious to hear some thoughts on the subject...
  2. anyone?

  3. Is there another brand of pistol other than a GLOCK??
    Not in my house!!!! ;b
  4. I would put my Walther P99's or even my HK P7M8's up as being able to do the same as far as Stock.

    As far as UL type gun, any quality 1911 type could easily replace any UL Glock. Ask anyone that plays in IPSC Open.
  5. But a stock Glock 17 with good sights and a trigger job versus a 1911 .45 with good sights and a trigger job...about even?
  6. Billman, Just my opinion but I shot a very nice Springfield, good trigger, bull barrel .45 last year in Montrose at the American Handgunner all steel match. Several of the stages are similar to the plate racks in GSSF. Very nice gun but I really believe that the slide on my g-17 cycles faster than that Springfield does. This year I am shooting the G-17. What does that mean? Not sure but I feel it cycles faster. Maybe it is the speed of the loads, you know, slow 200gr. bullet, fast 124 gr. Who knows for sure? My 17 by the way has a 3.5lb connector with a polish job. I have a stock adjustable rear sight with a hi-viz front sight. Both guns are in the "stock" catagory. MLM