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Kimber Ultra CDP II Lockbacks

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Hey everyone,
Some of you may know that I've had problems with my Kimber (as posted), but it seems that after she went home to Yonkers most problems were resolved. There is still one nagging problem...premature slide lock-backs.

All the nose-dives are gone now which is great! But now, every second or third magazine will prematurely lock the slide back on the second or third round (doesn't matter which Wilson magazine I use). At one point in my efforts Kimber sent me the new slide, any ideas. I really need 100% reliability to carry this. I have about 800 rounds through her.

Thanks in advance!

PS - It really doesn't matter if they ar FMJ or JHP. I started out with JHP and they worked fine through about 4 mags... then things got a little quirky.
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If you have two slide stops take a file to the underside of one of them, a couple strokes at a time until it stops locking the slide back with rounds left in the mag.
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