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Kimber Augusta Shotguns

  1. I have yet to find a local dealer that carrys the Augusta line of field guns. I am looking to replace a Beretta Ultralight, and I happend upon the Kimber Site (looking for a 1911 style .45) and saw the shot gun section. My guess is that either these are wonderful or just run of the mill.

    If anyone has any knowledge or field time with the the Augusta's please let me know,


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  2. So let me get this strait... you're gonna replace a shotgun made by the oldest company in the world & who's made shotguns longer then most other manufactures have been in existence, with a new comer in the O/U shotgun crowd?

  3. The Beretta is no more, not even my gunsmith can make it whole again (thank Denver PD – lets not get into the gory details of its demise - ), As I cannot afford to replace it with another Beretta( I started my own software company - 1 1/2 years ago, and pay wages to others Not myself YET) I am looking at acceptable replacements. I was wondering if a shot gun made in Brescia by the same artists as the Beretta, would be a workable replacement. It depends on the price . .. I was always a little self conscious about carrying such an ornate gun and I worried about munging it up! I want the precision and craftsmanship without the artwork!

    The 1911 search is a long term project perhaps next year, I have a hard time justifying a hand gun that does not work as well as my G-19, but the Kimber sure is a lovely work of art. really nice machine work- NOT an applience
  4. Tenticle, I was giving you a hard time… Sounds like a very bad run-in with your Beretta’s demise……. That sucks!

    mpol777’s suggestion was exactly what I was going to suggest as well. The “word out” on the net has been good so far on them. I’d buy one to try in a heartbeat if I didn’t have other weapons calling my name!
  5. :) Thanks!
    I have really missed quail and pheasant these last few years. The dog is never happy unless he is working birds, and I must admit neither am I.

    The Web link is not resolving for me I will do a web search. Thanks, keep the advice coming!