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I just can't bring myself to dragging this through the eastern woods so it's got to go.

2010 NRA Gun of the Year Kimber 84M Classic Select Grade in .308. The gun features a grade AA hand select french walnut stock with a hand rubbed oil finsh, hand cut 20 lpi checkering, ebony forearm tip, steel grip cap, matte blue finish, Engraved and etched floorplate with gold inlay, match grade barrel, and is extremely light weigh at 5lbs. 13oz.. Each gun is consecutively serialized straight from the factory with the Kimber “K,” followed by the NRA initials and the number 10 to reflect the year it was featured. Serialization will go from KNRA100001 through KNRA101125. This rifle is #135 of 1125 made.
It has made one trip to the range and I fired 10 rnds. through it sighting in...It is one nice shooter!

It will include the original packaging and all accessories/paperwork that shipped with the gun. Also have the winning ticket stub and NRA display table plackard from the banquet.

Scope and rings are not included.

Kimbers MSRP on the base rifle is $1359. When I completed the transfer after winning this, the dealer told me it was valued at $1500-$1600.

I am looking to get $1300 shipped to your FFL or would trade for a higher end 1911, preferably a Springfield Armory TRP/TRP Operator or equivalent.

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