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Killing a possum.

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I live in a very suburban neighborhood and never deal with animals that bother me. The other night I was coming home at two in the morning and saw what I thought was a rat. My girlfriend assured me it was a baby possum. I ran to get my bb gun and put a few pellets in it, when my girlfriend stopped me and told me I was insane to take an innocent creatures life. I backed off and have been weary of the animal ever since. Tonight I was outside smoke a cig when I go to through it into the bucket on the other side of the fence I feel something brush against my arm. Long rat like tail!!! I am tired of this possum and need it dead ASAP! I know that there are laws against firing a bb-gun here, but it is better then bringing out the 22 ruger.

My question is, do you think that a bb gun shooting .177 copperhead flat will be able to take care of this problem? Also, what can I do to lure it. Hunters needed!
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On the internet I cam across the term ladyboy. After reading this thread, I can only assume I now know what it means. :rolleyes:

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They eat ticks!
When on the job we would get calls of a Racoon in the house and my Sargent was a trapper, the standing (at the time 1988) offer was $5.00 for any thing that had a pelt. Possum, Racoon, Muskrat. etc. My partner would drop off a Have A Heart trap to the home owner, most of the times the question from the home owner was "What do you do with them?" our answer was always the same we take them to Stoke's state Forrest and let them go.
In reality they would get shot in the head with a .22.
One night we got 30 Racoons, we would hit all of the dumpsters at the resturants, schools etc.

They DO NOT EAT TICKS any more than any other mammal. They eat garbage, feces, chickens... They are nothing but a big disease carrying rat.

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