Kielbasa -n-Cabbage

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    How to you cook your Kielbasa & Cabbage?

    I like eating Kielbasa & Cabbage and thought I would listed my simple but effective method.

    1 Kielbasa Ring and few peels off the cabbage.
    1 tsp of salt
    1 cured & smoked ham hock
    2 12oz bottle of a strong bock beer
    2-3 medium white potatoes

    Remove kilebasa and add into a 4qt or larger pot with 24oz of beer and enough water to cover the sausage

    Bring water to fast boil and boil for about 15mins and then let the sasusage simmer with ham hock for 45mins.

    add shreaded cabbage, followed by cube white potatoes.

    Cook veggies till cabbage and potatoes are tender but not mushy.

    This is a great simple and easy meal that has less than 10mins prep and offers great taste if you get a good ring.

    I 've been buying the boar heads Kielbasa but hillshire farm with work also. If you can find a good Polish meat shop try various brands and I'm sure you can get a good sausage ring.

    For the ham hocks, I like to get precured ( smoked ) and slow re-smoke them just before adding to the pot. Some good hickory flavor ham hocks goes a looooonge way.