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Kidney stones. Who's had 'em?

  1. I'm currently battling a kidney stone and it's winning.

    Last Saturday I was sitting watching Netflix, when all of a sudden a super strong pain occurred on my right side and wouldn't go away. After about 2 hours of this, I decided to go to the ER (I thought it was appendicitis).

    CT scan showed a nice kidney stone. They threw me a small script of hydrocodone and an anti-nausea med (no nausea) and told me to follow up with my pcp.

    Met with my pcp yesterday and he gave me another (small) hydrocodone script, flomax, and a funnel thingy with a mesh screen in the bottom to pee in. Hopefully I'll catch the stone and they can find out it's makeup.

    Hurts like nothing I've ever experienced before and I'm really hoping it passes soon.

    Any advice? I'm drinking lemon water like it's going out of style and chewing pain meds like skittles. No relief.
  2. Damn...prayers sent as I heard they suck going through the tube..

    Never had them probably due to i drink a lot of water with lemon or lime on occasion... I rarely drink sweet iced tea.

    Get well...drink some beer..lol
  3. I haven’t (knock on wood), but know enough people who have and what they went through, you have my most sincere condolences. They all passed but none I know of were pleasant.
  4. Thanks! :cheers:

    From what I gather, it's my lack of water intake that likely caused it. My wife is always telling me that I need to drink more water. I don't drink much (hardly any at all) soda or tea, but I just don't drink enough water. Never have...

    Until now.
  5. I've had them numerous times. Last one was 8mm and that was a no pass. Had them laser blasted to the old day tank of water blasting which was my preferred method of taking care of them to everything in between. I've also passed them naturally. Pretty painful anyway you look at it. The triage nurse at the ER said that it is easy without a doubt easy to diagnose two emergency's. One is a woman that is about to give birth and the other is someone that comes in with a kidney stone.
    They are not fun and can be very painful.
    Best of luck.
    My downfall has always been the lack of staying hydrated. Keep drinking water to clean out the system.
  6. Thanks, Willy. :cheers:

    You know it's regarded to be very painful when you have an ER doc & PCP BOTH write you prescriptions for pain meds. In this day and age of the opiate crisis, getting a pain med script is harder than passing a kidney stone! :supergrin:
  7. Mine was the size of a golf ball with two nine mm behind it. The shattered them and went thru my side to remove most of the fragments. This was several years ago. They are back. I'm getting scans next month and seeing the Urologist in November. Good luck OP. tom. :cowboy:
  8. Sorry to hear that, Josh. I hope that damn thing passes with as little pain as possible.

    Oh yeah, I heard that drinking beer and liquor prevents kidney stones, but I’m sure that’s just a rumor with zero substance. :whistling:

  9. Thanks, Keith! :cheers:

    I like your rumor and as far as I'm concerned, it's full of the kind of substance that I can live with! :drink:
  10. Just went through it a couple weeks ago. 4th... 5th time I've had one. This one was close to 5mm. Week and a half of pressure, pain, then feel fine for a day. You would think I would of known passing it (5mm is big!), but woke up one day and... nothing. I've been fine since.
    Before I left the hospital, the doctor mentions the CT scan showed another one in my left kidney. Evidently I'm a stone factory.
  11. I can pee in it, then top off the oil in my car...


    Probably cost my insurance company $500.
  12. After reading about what everyone goes through with them, I had my kidneys removed. Eff that! ;)
  13. Had them, not good. Twice was hospitalized and they went in through the penis, through the bladder and into the kidney. Placed a stint in for a few weeks for healing, then up in again to remove the stint. The removal is done in office, no pain, just pressure.

    Wasn't a big deal in my mind, but really glad the stones are gone!
  14. That sucks Josh. Sorry to hear...
    My uncle had a couple and basically said it sucks and they’re all different.
    Passed one and had two laser blasted.
    Now he drinks as much water (beer) as he can. Hasn’t had one in a decade.
    Best of luck to you my friend. :cheers:
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  16. :cheers:
  17. I'm kind of a sissy. If they were to do this to me, someone is waking the anesthesiologist, first.
  18. Oh, no f'ing doubt! If this happens, I will not be awake for it.
  19. Two of my son's had this done. I had two, twenty years apart. None to soon. Mine passed. Good luck to you. Drink lots of water, sons add lemon daily. Some docs try and do chemistry on a stone if you catch it to determine cause.
  20. I'm just saying that I have drank a lot of beer and whiskey in all my adult years, and I have never had a kidney stone. Empirical proof, for sure!! :cheers:
  21. I had one last year and it was the most painful thing I've ever gone through. It took 63 years to get one and I hope I don't get one for another 63.
  22. That's all the proof I need!!

  23. Nothing like that ice pick sensation in your lower back
    I remember writhing around on the floor of ER with one.
    Even the ER of full of spun out tweekers felt sorry for me
  24. Oh Jesus H Christ on a stick.....

    Please not again, I have them too many times, if you can get lithotripsy take it. I have done it twice now, no more laying in the floor in pools of blood and pee crying like a baby
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  26. Had one and they had to go get it. Hurt like the dickens. After about 48 hours after it being pulled out all was better.

  27. So you're kind of a sissy, too...I get it. ;)
  28. I had one eighteen months ago.
    I didn't drink a lot of water but I drank a lot of Beer and I thought that Beer was mostly water.
    I know i go to the toilet plenty when I drink a dozen Beers.
    I was in agony 7 days in, I took that many Endone pain killers that i do not remember passing the stone at all.
    Lucky I survived I guess.
  29. You can admit you wet the bed. We won't judge. :oops:
  30. I've had them a couple of times, but it's been years ago now. Had Lithotripsy both times, and broke them up. I never did catch a stone, but after the second time, no more trouble.
  31. Not at all.
  32. They really are terrible. The only pain med that worked for me was hydromorphone.

    Two observations.
    1. Everyday I took opioids I felt terrible for two days after I stopped taking them.

    If I take pain meds for 4 days for the next week I will feel terrible.

    2. Our mind keeps thinking if you change position the pain will be reduced. Turns out that if your standing and you hurt lying down dies not help. Laying on your back and it hurts your think turn over will help. Nope. No matter the position you will hurt no new position will help.

    Bonus observation.

    Kidney stones actually lead to my out of control weight gain.

    Over a five year period I had 4 kidney stones. I got to the point that I lived in constant fear of the next episode. Every time I felt the flight Ext abdominal pain I would nearly panic. If I felt a slight hunger pain I would immediately eat some thing to see if the pain would go away. The I just made sure I ate enough that I never had hunger pains.
  33. Welcome man! You would be surprised how hydrated you need to be especially if being outside or doing something.. I sometimes take in some low sugar Gatorade if I am doing yard work or just being outside due to work. Just don't drink too much water....
  34. I had the same surgery back in 2015 to clear my right kidney. Fortunately for me, upon talking with my urologist a week ago my kidneys are still GTG.

    Best of luck Josh, I know your pain well. Your stone is most likely a calcium stone. Keep pounding water to help flush it out.

    Are you an iced tea drinker?
  35. On a little more serious note, it's hard to get enough water working outside in the south. Humid all day and summer heat 9 months of year. I've had days where I toted what felt like a drum of water in my stomach for the whole say and never piss once. Body is sweating it out before it even gets to the filter. I drink 2 or 3 light beers, in the evening, after days like that just so I know I'll get some kind of kidney flush. Being a Christian, I wasn't afraid to beg God to just let me die when I passed one back in 2016, and it was a small one. The pain was terrible. God says He won't give us more than we can handle, but He can sure push the limit, at times.
  36. Been there, done that. I feel your pain. I have had several stones but thankfully none in the last several years. I have been put to sleep twice because they were too big to pass. I also had a urethral stent installed both times when I woke up. Those stents are painful.

    I try to eat food that is low in oxalates and drink plenty of liquids. My go to drink is green tea with citrus. My urologist tells me that the green tea is a good choice. It must be working since I have been stone free for several years now.
  37. I had a 9 mm stone removed last Dec. I knew I'd been carrying one for years, never a problem with it. It was 3mm when first discovered on a back x-ray. One morning (Oct. 18, to be exact), I woke at 0400 feeling what I thought was horrible lower abdominal gas pain. Wife hauled my sorry old ass to the ER, got some dilaudid in my veins and a CT scan and sure enough, it was blocking the kidney's outlet to the bladder. Up to the OR where my urologist was already doing surgeries that morning. He inserted a stent (out for that, thankfully) and sent me home.

    I had to carry that stent for three weeks until I could get a surgery date. I could have had it done in a week, but I'm old so had to get a cardiac clearance from my PCP first. I got the laser up the pipe (out cold for that again) and they flushed all the pieces out. Stent back in for five days due to the ureter (pipe from the kidney to the bladder) being inflamed from all the "work."
    I pulled the stent out after five days and felt like a million bucks and have ever since. The laser up the johnson surgery is nothing. Hurts a little to pee afterward for a day, not a big deal at all.

    The stent itself is fairly uncomfortable, felt like crap the entire time it was in--no pain, just general feeling like schitt and ___always___ feeling the urge to pee. When you do pee, there's kidney pain to start it off, very unpleasant. Turns out the damn thing is a foot long rubber-like perforated hose and 90% of it is up in your kidney. My friends thought I was crazy for opting to pull it out myself but had the doctor done it, he'd have used a cystoscope to go up and get it and they don't give you anything for that, wide awake and sober. I've had two cystoscopies and don't want another, period.

    I never drank enough liquids, either, felt like I was a camel and could go without water easily.
    I now drink 3.5 liters of lemon and lime water daily, along with my usual coffee, milk, orange juice, beer and scotch. I'll take the inconvenience of peeing all the time over another stone any day! Along with that I've cut out potatoes, beets, parsnips, spinach, figs, chocolate, all the salt possible, and a few other things. I've never consumed much sugar or sweets, so no problem there. My stone was the common calcium oxalate variety, hence the limiting of high oxalate foods (all of which I LOVE). I squeeze a bag or two of lemons and limes a week for my lemon/lime water.

    I had one x-ray five months after the stone came out, still clear, going to have another soon, fingers crossed.

    Sorry about the short book, hopefully it'll help someone out.

    Good luck to Josh and whoever else has to deal with the damn things.
  38. Dude, I don't care if it's the size of a bacteria. They are putting me out if I ever have to pass another one. Sissy once...sissy for life. Not going through that again.
  39. I had a big “stag horn” kidney stone in 1982 and had it surgically removed through an incision made in my left flank. The surgeon called it “the shark bite”. It was a calcium oxylate-stone.

    Last July I had three, 8mm, ovoid shaped calcium-oxylate stones that had grown on the wall of my bladder. The surgeon removed them by inserting a flexible camera/laser/vacuum tool through my penis and cut them up with a laser. He suctioned out the broken up particles and I passed the residual sand-like particles the next morning.

    My urologist recommended that I increase my fluid intake and follow a low-oxylate diet. I now drink plenty of water including 12 ounces of green tea with lemon juice daily.
    My prayers and best wishes for those who have to deal with kidney or bladder stones.
    “Most kidney stones contain calcium, and the most common stone type is calciumoxalate. Chinese researchers found that green tea extract bonds to calcium oxalate and makes the resulting crystals a different shape, which makes them less likely to clump together and form large kidney stones.”

  40. I didn't mention it in my earlier post but I have passed one at home through that strainer that my doc gave me. I wouldn't want to do it again either.
  41. I had one, years ago. About the size of a grain of sand. Excruciating pain. It felt like I was trying to pass a rusty Volkswagen. I haven’t had another one, hope you don’t either.
  42. Piece of cake. Just be sure you have a strong bar to hold onto.
  43. I've had so many kidney stones that they no longer hurt (seriously). I passed one two weeks ago and had no flank or abdominal pain and the only thing that was abnormal was the two days of burning in my urethra. I wasn't sure what was going on until the stone actually came out.

    The good thing about them is that the pain of recurrent kidney stones changes you on a personal level. After you experience it so many times, your pain tolerance gets much better.
  44. Exact same thing with me. When the doctor pulled the stint out a week after the procedure the pain was almost as bad as the stone but just lasted a few seconds.
  45. Me too, Steve. Here’s to hoping that it’s a deterrent. :cheers:
  46. I've passed two kidney stones, the last one in 2012. Worst pain I've ever felt. I was lucky to have been able to pass them in a matter of hours each. The SIZE will depend on how long it takes you.
    Here's something that worked for me both times... nausea. Weird as it seems, throwing up helped me pass the stones. The first time, when I was throwing up, it created so much internal pressure (called 'val salva' pressure), that it forced the stone through. In fact, it was so profound when it happened, I literally felt the pressure in the kidney suddenly give way when I threw up. The very next time I urinated, the stone came through. I also had the mesh funnel to catch the stone and I took it to the Urogolist and it turned out to be what he called "the garden variety". Mostly happen due to not hydrating properly. Both stones that I passed were about 1mm in size. The pain was incredible. Keep hydrating. It's both bad and good... you need the hydration to help pass the stone out of the ureter and into the bladder, but at the same time, the reason for the pain is that the kidney is making the urine, but it's backing up, and each time the kidney flexes, that's when you feel that wave of pain and nausea wash through you.

    Good luck.
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  48. I take an ounce of organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. It supposedly helps in the prevention of the stone. I don't know how true that is but so far no stones.