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Keymod or M-Lok

  1. Which would you pick? Or is there something else you like better?
  2. I would say M lok,not that there is anything wrong with KeyMod only by fact of Magpul's popularity and I would be willing to predict in five years finding Keymod accessories will be limited,time will tell. SJ 40
  3. Keymod works for me. Easier and faster to mount accessories and verify security
  4. Same song, 2nd verse.

    There was a thread about this 1-2 weeks ago.
  5. Oh man, really it comes down to your preference. Personally, I use all three on different ARs (pic rail, KM, and Mlok). The manufacturing quality of the rail, and mounts for attachments makes a noticeable difference with all three. Pick whichever one you like the best, cant really go wrong.
  6. I'd pick the handguard you like best and not worry about the mounting type. For me the BCM KMR handguard is the one I want, therefore I'm automatically committed to KeyMod.
  7. I looked back a few pages and didn't see anything - my search keymod VS m-lok has the most recent thread post on the subject Aug 6, 2015.

    But thanks for contributing - I sorted back a few more pages and found it.
  8. I have both.
    I like the looks of m lok better
    It's cleaner.
    Function wise same to me.
  9. I was at a gun show today - 8 out of 10 were Keymod --

    I actually think the M-Lok looks better - and the Keymod had sharper edges.

    Looking at uppers on PSA web site and it seems like most available for sale are Keymod - the M-Lok is always out of stock.

    So is this because everyone wants Keymod so that is what PSA builds - or are the M-Lok always out of stock because that is what more people are buying?

    I am thinking about getting an upper with an 18" barrel / free float handguard, rifle length gas system in .223 Wylde to set up a longer range AR - permanently mount my Nikon P-223 scope to it and then devote my carbine upper to the basic MBUS that came with the gun (S&W M&P Sport II)

    Then someday in the future - buy or build the lower.
  10. Mlok for sure. Looks better, feels better, works about the same.
  11. Mlok for me.
  12. I went Keymod a few years ago before Mlok was really a thing. I think Mlok is probably a better system, but not better enough to change over. If you are not yet invested in one, I'd go Mlok.
  13. Flip a coin...Its personal preference! Get one of each problem solved.
  14. Mlok.
  15. It's a good choice! I have a 15" KMR on my SPR, worth every penny!
  16. My second choice is an ALG EMR and I think that's available in both KeyMod and M-LOK but I do prefer the BCM KMR by a slight bit.

    I am not worried in the slightest about KeyMod dying off like Beta did in the Beta vs VHS video tape wars.
  17. The KMR is an amazing rail.
    I have a few rifles with the Knights URX4, all being KeyMod. I do like the MLok, but not enough to change what I have. Both are great systems, they're just different. It's all about user preference
  18. I wouldn't worry either. Considering the guy who invented KM, now works for BCM. The market is easily big enough to support the quality KM products, even though M-Lok supposedly outsells it.
  19. I guess just call me a Magpul whore.

    I bought quite a bit of stuff based on looks and function, turns out they were ALL Magpul products.

    Best one was actually the SL forearm. No more burned fingers.

    Even on the back of my side-by-side


  20. I wish more rails would omit the full length top picatinny and only have it at the far end. 99% of us never mount anything on the top except a BU iron. That's one big reason I'm considering the ALG EMR.

  21. Midwest Industries has their "light weight" line that eliminates a big middle section of the top rail. It has keymod or m-lok slots there in case you want to mount something. I have one of these in 10"....


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  22. I was initially going to go for a handguard with only a few slots at the end like that for BUIS, but after handling one, it looks damn goofy even with a slim sight like Magpul Pros.

    Ended up with a pair of Fortis Rev 2 14" Mloks, and they're fantastic.
  23. I have both but like the cleaner look and feel of M-LOK slightly better. If you prefer BCM products get Keymod. If you prefer Magpul products get M-LOK. Can't really go wrong either way. Both are well supported and not going anywhere. Sometimes it may actually come down to availability.
  24. I've got an m-loc which gave me a standby regular. And on the one I'm going to build came with a 10" mloc which I've bought a 15" to use, so now I've got two extra hand guards for futher use. I'm realy surprised how fast parts accumilate.
  25. Mlok for me, I'm a Magpul whore. I really like the Centurion CMR mlok rails. Have a 15" ready to be installed on a 6720 as soon as I get the FSP cut down.
  26. I have both. I like mlok slightly better.
  27. Yeah it does look strange but I would get used to it. Funny thing is it doesn't seem to save much weight, the BCM KMR is still about the lightest you can get and it has the full rail. Still, I wonder if the KMR couldn't be an ounce or more lighter if they did omit the rail.
  28. Mlok for me. Lovin it!
  29. I picked up Mlok Fortis Rev II 14", last july going to get another one.

  30. I have two of those, one on a 16" general purpose and the other on an 18" SPR. Love 'em.
  31. I have mine on my SPR 18", i like it a lot, plan on getting another one for my 16" Recce rifle. it needs replaced, the cheese grater it has on it is to damn heavy.

  32. Pic rail, KM, and Mlok all hold junk you don't need securely on your gun. Pic rail does not need any small rail pieces. But larger diameter and heavier. Mlok like KM is lighter and smaller diameter but needs rail pieces.
    If your going full blown AR ninja go Pic rail.

    Otherwise go Mlok because it looks badass.
  33. I don't mind the look of KeyMod at all. In some ways it looks better as there isn't so much material removed
  34. Looks like the shelves at home depot.

  35. It DOESN'T need rail pieces, only if you are trying to attach accessories that attach that way. Otherwise there are pretty much the same accessories that attach directly to the Kmod or Mlok slots without needing the extra weight/bulk of a rail.

    That's the whole point/concept behind Kmod and Mlok.

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  36. Seems like someone would make a handguard that has both -
  37. Meh
  38. M-Lok, Keymod & picatinny on one handguard

    Call it the Neapolitan. :bunny:
  39. Ok
    That's funny!

    Neo rail, the next shiny trinket you must have because all before are crap
  40. The nonpenis one.
  41. I have an mlok afg directly attached, and it is a Slim and Solid grip. Nothing like a standard afg on a rail section. How are you liking the one I sent you?
  42. It's great and less bulkier than the short rail and railed afg combo I was using. Also a lot easier to swap between different guns with just the turn of the 2 m-lok screws.

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