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Ken Burns Country Music, anyone watching

  1. Multi-part documentary, being shown on PBS. Tonight was part 2, up to 1945.

    So far, it is awesome. I'm learning a lot. I'm only a casual country music fan. But this is great stuff. Awesome pics and footage, too.
  2. also saw it last night as well as tonight. thoroughly enjoyed it. Ken Burns always does a bang up job. like the OP stated, learned a lot and looking forward to tomorrow as well. do yourself a favor and tune in.
  3. It's been excellent so far.
  4. It is so much more than I expected. Ken Burns is a national treasure IMO. The music and history is revelatory. I played banjo in my youth. I had no idea it came from Africa. Wish I could play fiddle.
  5. Thanks for posting. I just started the first episode and really like it.
  6. I just watched episode 2 on PBS. Very good.

    Missed #1. Where else is it showing? I programmed TIVO to record all episodes, repeat or new but I can’t see when #1 is being rebroadcast on PBS.
  7. See my post above
  8. Any good footage of Mother Maybelle and Sister Sara?
  9. A whole bunch.
  10. I watched some of it last night. Although I'm not a country music fan, it's pretty good. But, like any Ken Burns production, he spends a lot of time on the "social justice" stuff.
  11. Watched it the first night but missed last night.
    Was like taking a history course in country music. Listened to country music when I was growing up so a lot of the names were familiar but didn't know the background. Want to see if I can find yesterday evenings show.
    Fantastic series!!!
  12. Yes. They focused a lot on the Carters.
  13. tonight's episode was also great. learned a lot about Hank Williams. didn't know he died so young.................also, seems like alcohol and petty grudges were a large part of the scene.
  14. They described how that guy wrote hit songs in 15 minutes, after waking up from being drunk. 29 is too young to die. What a creative genius Hank Williams was.
  15. Hank's '52 Caddy. I do't do Ken Burns.
    Hank's caddy.jpg
  16. got it recorded. Ken Burns is a wacky liberal donator
  17. Yee Haaaw. Caught part of it. Will git the rest later. It’s America’s music. As is Jazz, Blues, and Rock ‘n Roll. No America - no Twentieth Century Music. Ken Burns, Liberal or whatever, wrote the book on modern documentary style with ‘The Brooklyn Bridge’ then ‘The Civil War.’

    Many artists are Left leaning. I separate the personality from the product. Trump-Hater Tarantino one of my absolute favorite film makers. De Niro beginning to wear my patience thin.

    Guess you could call me a Liberal. Just like our Founding Fathers. But I’ve also been called, and I quote - “A Right Wing Attack Dog.” “Our workplace Rush Limbaugh.” And...”Our workplace Donald Trump.” So, I have my beliefs. How y’all use the label is up to you. But be careful.
  18. Surprised my dvr didn’t record it, it usually records American stories(think that’s what it’s called) on pbs which is always random but really good documentaries. Political affiliation aside, Ken Burns makes the best documentaries out there and I’ll watch any he makes, there’s one on the civil war on netflix along with a few more, they’re really good.
  19. tonight, episode #4 was equally as good as the first 3. amazing how much I missed for having lived through it and listening to the music as a real fan. seems like plane wrecks have been a large part of the history. anyway, brought back some great memories.
  20. The Johnny Cash immitation of Elvis was awesome.

    Now we gotta wait till Sunday night for the next episode? That will start around 1964, I guess.
  21. not sure when it continues...............will have to check.
  22. The dude did a good, never before accomplished portrayal of the Civil War, which was a topic well deserving of his fastidious nature, but c'mon, where does it end?

    The way it is going, only Ken Burns could have as many "sequels" as Stars Wars.

    At least Merle Haggard made it into every episode.
  23. I was intrigued by the BofA commercial at the end of each episode where banjo pickers sang a song I'd never heard before and passed the instrument out of the frame and the the next player continued the song then passed the banjo.

    I looked around and found this...

    View: https://youtu.be/qHutGIIGtbM
  24. He does, which is why I stopped watching his stuff. He thinks that everything in life is heavily influenced by race and racism.
  25. I don't think that's been a big part of this documentary.

    He just mentions some basic things, such as the types of music (including slave music) that influenced country music. If some major country musician studied under someone else when young (white or black or hispanic) that is mentioned as well. And finally, there is the differences in the radio/music industry classifications and intended audience, and how some of the music crosses over.
  26. I checked and looks like we have to wait until this coming Sunday thru Wed. for the next 4 episodes. Will be watching for it.
  27. I’ll admit I haven’t watched this one. His Baseball and Civil War accounts were enough for me.
  28. Hate ken burns and his leftie hate of white america.
  29. Nothing in life doesn’t have a bias. Have a Bachelors Degree in US History, and spent 18 years in Public History. We live in a certain, left leaning, time. I’m not going to deny myself some great historical programming because of this.

    If I produced these documentaries, they would be slightly different than Mr. Burns’. And everyone here would have their own take on the events they portray. He is bringing some great Americana to “the masses.”
  30. Very aware of Burns being a liberal. Cant stand to listen to his proper gagging enunciation.

    BUT watching part 5 now and its AWESOME. Im in my late 40s and its everything i heard in my home growing up and listening today. Thank to siriusXM channel 59 and 60. Plus 101.5 huntington,wv aka bigbuckcounty.com and youtube all night, i get my fix. Reminds me of the days as a kid watching HEE HAW, pop goes the country, porter wagner show, nashville now
  31. yes, part 5 was damn good. In my mid 70's and remember almost all of the tunes and singers. did learn some stuff about who the beatles listened to! also didn't know much about the commercial production aspects of making records. left me anxious to see the next episode.
  32. I’m in agreement on this one. It was spectacular. Especially the Cash, Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride pieces just to name a few. The entire first five parts are probably the best television I’ve seen in my life since the moon landing.
  33. I have throughly enjoyed every episode so far. My mom is from a coal miners family, born dirt poor, no electricity or running water and 1 of 12 children. I’ve been watching them with her. I think she has enjoyed them even more than I have. Brings back a lot of memories for her.
  34. Jones? Jones? George Jones?
  35. Yeah... sadly so.

    Burns also spends too much time on the Cash Dynasty.... like they're musical gods or sumpthin' . Honestly, Johnny Cash couldn't carry a tune in a peach basket.

    Cash capitalized on a prisoner aura that he really didn't have. He had no sense of rhythm, pitch and frequently forgot lyrics and sang many songs differently every time.He drove his bass player nuts!

    I think that the 12 minutes on Cash were wasted and he coulda said all that was needed in 4 minutes or less.

    Reba needed LOTS more coverage and she had little more than a vignette in the show.... Boooooo!

    Some good photos of Appalachian famine ravanged families and coal mines and storefronts, etc.

    I loved the period-cars and trucks.... especially the old Greyhound busses.

  36. Im sure George and Tammy, Willie, Waylon, Paycheck, Hank Jr, Outlaw years and Conway are coming.

    Mike Judges Tales from the Tour Bus from Cinemax was great last year. a whole lot of 'behind the scenes' stories not meant for public from band members etc.
  37. Those skirts really shortened from 64 to 68 :)
  38. My wife and I are really enjoying it ! We where at the Ryman Saturday night watching Dane Cook, so much history has played on that stage.
  39. I have enjoyed it. I was a bit surprised it doesn't lean more to the left than it does. I tried to watch the show Burns did on Vietnam and I couldn't stomach it. Nothing like my time in Vietnam.
  40. Tammy can really sing.
  41. another wonderful 2 hr. nostalgia trip with no commercials. always learn some new trivia and totally enjoy the music.
  42. Caught some of the Johnny Cash episode.
    Never really been a fan of country, but it appears to be well produced.
    And it is on PBS. Did you expect anything other then a left leaning series?
  43. Was never a Johnny Cash fan, but after watching last night I've started to like him. When I was a kid we ony got the CBS station out of Presque Isle, so I watched Hee-Haw, but never saw the Johnny Cash Show.
    Nashville Skyline was among the first several albums I bought...Love that country pie.

    I hope they show something about Emmylou Harris in the next episode...they have a little teaser pic of her during the credits....she was always on my favorite list.
  44. This 73-83 episode was fantastic!

    Learned a ton off stuff, and nice to see the varying threads of Nashville, bluegrass, folk rock, country rock, and outlaw country all get followed, intertwined, defined, and refined in the story telling.
  45. I'm really looking forward to this episode...20 minutes from now.

  46. I think tonight, episode #7 was the best so far. Really looking forward to tomorrow nights final episode. Burns is doing a bang up job.
  47. Really enjoyed tonight’s episode. Some of my favorite singers featured tonight. Really looking forward to the final episode tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear them Alabama boys. I just love their music, grew up with it. Very fond memories of Alabama.
  48. shocked no mickey gilley, or gilleys bar, a mere mention of conway twitty for duets only or jerry lee lewis.
    Kinda figured there would be an angle to movies impact with country music such as Coal Miners Daughter, Smokey and the Bandit, Urban Cowboy, Every Which Way But Loose/Any Which Way You Can.

    That was a young Keith Whitley with Ricky Skaggs in their teens.
  49. They certainly did slight Conway Twitty and also Tanya Tucker but overall it’s a pretty interesting compilation.