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Keltec P11 kydex holsters

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I have two Grandfather Oak holsters for the p11 for sale: one IWB and one pocket xl. They are both basically brand new, used to carry one day each.

I cant use the iwb because my big dot sights make the gun very difficult to pull. There are a couple scratches in the holsters from the sight as the gun was pulled, but other than that the holster is new. I wish I could use this holster, it was very comfy and concealable. $32 shipped

the pocket companion xl for the p11...have two, need only one. $15 shipped

I can take paypal or MO..please email
ronstermonster at

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Forgot to mention that GF holsters are on about a 3.5 week lead time right wait here :)
Pocket holster sold, iwb still up.
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