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While a huge fan of Glocks I am also a fan of Kel-tec. I think it would make this site even more useful and robust if there was a forum dedicated to these pistols. You have to admit, they do generate a lot of emotion one way or the other.

Anyway, I would like for you to consider the idea.


I will see what I can do to see if there is enough interest.

Potential Members! if you would like to see a Kel-Tec club here on our beloved GlockTalk sound off in this thread. We need to have at least 50!

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I'm down..I'll Join! :supergrin:
Count me in.
Got my vote
Originally posted by sgtslwilson
We need to have at least 50!
Sorry, I have almost two dozen but not fifty. Maybe when the PF-9 comes out I can go on another buying spree :frown:
Yes - A KT forum would be a good idea.

I'm in.

Me too
Sounds good, I'm in.

Stay safe.
Count me in too.
Count me in .

Awesome...14 so far!

Good to see you Wilson! I knew you would throw your hat in. A Kel-Tec forum here could really benifit from your experience.

I am in
I'd check it out, till then KTOG.ORG.
Sign me up...I dig my hard chrome P-32
I'm in...and I want number 1 please!
How's that for being optimistic! :)
I'll play--count me in
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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