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Keanu Reeves - what's that guy thinking??

  1. I like him as an actor and as cool human being but the new girlfriend looks like she's old enough to be his mother. Someone mistook her for Helen Mirren but she's only 46!

    Helen Mirren is 74 and imo still looks better than this new girl!
  2. Poor guy been through hell with a women in the past. She looks like a good one and not a Manson fan hopefully.
  3. Makes him a normal person. The nan is dating who he likes, not being influenced by Hollywood.
  4. Post a picture of your woman so we can critique her:D
  5. He is 55..im sure he wouldn't look that much diffirent from her if he hadn't had thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery..
  6. Sure that's a great idea! I will say my wife is sexier than average and a ton sexier than that woman.

    His standards are low!
  7. To you I'm sure she is. But to others she may not be physically attractive at all. That's how it goes. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that.
  8. [​IMG]

    I think she’s kinda pretty. Not tons of silicone, makeup, spray paint etc.

    Reading up on her, I guarantee she has an intellect 10x that of the average red carpet Hollywood bimbo.
  9. Maybe she has a brilliant mind and is contortionist
  10. She’s a woke Hilary supporter and probably refuses to have her hair colored like most women her age and yeah she looks like his mom.

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  11. you embarrass yourself...
  12. Scared the crap outta me and I/m not afraid of anything!!!! I don't follow any of the stars for long time now. She must have a great personality.

    Visually, he isn't a prize bull either !
  13. It must be love.

    Love......is unreasonable sometimes.
  14. Come to think of it, there's this girl in high school I ended up dating for a long time: I thought we were going to be married, and I had no problem with that.

    Yet the VERY first thing I thought to myself when I met her was "There's no way I would ever date her she's so ugly."

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  15. So...... Is he actually "dating" her?
    I read she was an artist and illustrator who he had known for years and who was helping him on a current project. She was indeed his date to an event but I didn't assume there was anything more.
    I may be the odd one out here.

    Still waters run deep. She could be a wild woman.....
  16. I'm sure she has a nice personality
  17. She aint bad looking. But then again my standars are low, so yeah Ill go for her .
  18. I like women, always have, and usually can find something attractive about nearly all of them.

    She ticks several of the boxes for me. Is she a classically ‘pretty’ woman? No. But I think she’s quite attractive in an interesting sort of way.

    Don’t know if they’re an item or not. But if they are, good for them.
  19. If Reeves cut his hair and did not dye it they would be a good match appearance wise.
  20. I’m not a liberal, I don’t care what people do with their lives.
  21. If they are a "couple" and if they are happy with each other, then good for them!
  22. I bet you regularly watch The View....
  23. And I'm convinced that some of you are teenage girls.

    Grown ass men don't give two ****s who Keanu Reeves is dating....
  24. Who the hell are we to tell Keanu who he should date? Dude seems to be one of the nicest folks in Hollywood and can certainly run a gun in real life.

    He doesn't spew politics everywhere and is one of the few actors out there who deserves some respect. If that lady is his girl, what's it to anyone here? He likes what he likes and there's way more to a relationship than looks.
  25. Ha..... That show known to Kills brain cells.

    Having said that I will admit to watching about 10 minutes of highlights yesterday. Don Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle were on ......... They left that Coven a smoldering mess. Liberal heads were exploding like a fireworks finale.
    The screeching was horrific.

    He took it right to those hags. Called Behar out for wearing blackface and Whoopii out for giving Roman Polanski a pass for raping a 13 yo girl.

    Besides that one time, the View is poison.
  26. yup
  27. Probably not his girl friend. Never knew much about the guy. Started following him when I became interested in the John Wick movies. Every body says the guy is a very good person.
  28. The guy seems to be doing pretty well for a person with not a great deal of formal education, a mom who was married n times. All things considered, by Hollywood standards, he probably gets the solid citizen of the decade award.
  29. Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves are both immortals. They've had centuries to sample the good looking women.

    And he likes Nortons.

  30. She has nice skin. Her arms appear to be firm. I don't see any hideous tats.
    Looks like a lady to me.
  31. And why wouldn't he? He is really a nice guy-norton that is.
    btw, that's an interstate model commando with the fiberglass tank and tail piece.
    I see it hasn't been running cause there ain't no oil on the pavement underneath.
  32. Her name is Alexandra Grant. She is 46 years old. Nothing weird here at all.
  33. I know, right? That dude needs to trim up that hair and neck beard. Looks like a homeless guy.
  34. By all accounts he seems like a good dude.
    If she is the one, I hope they are happy together.
  35. Whatever makes them happy.

    Besides, with that receding hairline, long scraggly hair and ugly beard, he looks like crap.
  36. 9 out of 10 GT'rs would turn her down, because of sharp knees.

    Actually, I think that dress looks bad. Let's see her out of it before we pass total judgement :)
  37. Her eyes show something interesting, and I like her smile.
  38. What is he thinking?

    Maybe he is thinking that this is a wonderful woman who likes him for who he is as a person rather than for his fame, who he enjoys being with and who he feels a connection to;

    Those qualities, for someone who has any depth of character, far exceed any sort of surface physical attractiveness.

    If they are happy together, I say good for them both, we could use a little more happiness in this world.

    I would daresay that to him, she is beautiful, and that is all that really matters.
  39. She's got nice lips. Maybe she's got skills.

    Besides. . . can you blame him for not wanting to have a relationship with any of the Hollywood crazies. He's got no time for drug-addled parties and constant drama.

    She just really needs to dye her hair. Grey is never a good look on a woman.
  40. He is 55 she is 46. I wish them well. Anyone who thinks they are weird needs to get a life
  41. Why the loooong face?
  42. I'm 62, and I happen to like Silver Foxes...
    A woman in her prime.
  43. Whatever floats your boat.
  44. Completely off topic but yesterday I ran into a guy at the gas station who was riding a Ural, with the side car....we chatted and he told me he had had it for 15 years and had traveled most of the US on it ( not at any sort of high speed though)...

    It was great, it looked like it should have had Steve McQueen on it, fleeing from the Germans in 1944....
  45. As a motorcyclist, all I can say is that it's obvious he cares more about how he presents himself to an adoring public than he does protecting himself in the event of an "event." All The Gear All The Time! At the very least.


  46. She would look much younger if she colored her hair.

    Maybe Keanu Reeves likes the way she thinks. What a novel concept.

    Keanu needs a haircut and shave.
  47. Seems like he has everything he thinks he needs.

    That is a pretty good place to be. :)
  48. Looks aren't everything and attraction is more than what can be seen from the outside. How many of you would like to have your significant other rated based on looks alone by all of the members on this board?
  49. Thank you, FTM. And well said.

    Most men are obsessed with boobs, butts, and legs. That's just the way they are wired.
  50. Why'd the dufus cross the line?