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Kayleigh McEnany press briefing 10/1/20

  1. Nothing but hostile questions, and attempts to get her to say things that can be twisted to a narrative. I thought it would be difficult to replace Sarah Sanders. To my great pleasure, Kayleigh doesn't put up with the bs, and is every bit as good as Sarah Sanders...... :flag:

    +1 Trump for nominating Barrett......bring on a few more women like this. They will be a blessing for our country. :flag::angel::flag:

    View: https://youtu.be/sNh2wH0KE9U
  2. She has one of the toughest jobs. Sarah Sanders was great, but Kayleigh McEnany got my vote because she's enthusiastic about her job, believes in this country, and believes in Donald Trump. Very difficult to do when you walk into a room full of hostiles every day. The press is despicable.
  3. I like them both. I don't how they put up with sh!t from the "White House press". The great majority of the "press" are nothing but democrat/leftists surrogates. I would like to put shock collars on all of them and give Kayleigh the switch.
  4. Sarah did a great job but all the liberal feminists were so terrible to her. I combination of not fitting in their mold and being related to a retired Republican Politician... the were beyond unkind, unprofessional, and very discriminatory.
  5. Another great presser by Kayleigh... :)

    In regard to the first two "journalists" and their "questions" about white supremacy... I mentioned this in another thread, but I happened to watch Newsmax last night, and they ran a series of clips (compiled over the past 3 years) of President Trump clearly, emphatically, and undeniably denouncing the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists in general. The clip must have run a good 3 minutes.

    It made me realize that there's really NOTHING Trump can say to "appease" the leftists on the "issue." They'll keep churning up this ridiculous fabrication, because they're nothing but empty propagandists. And Trump knows this. So he really sees no point in wasting his breath.

  6. Very capable women are very attractive.
  7. C. J. Cregg
  8. Wait. This was on Supreme Court nominee? The fake news media demands a answer. To a question that has been answered repeatedly.
    I would have been tempted to use tactic of stepping back until they shut up. Get a cup, some hot water... make a cup a tea until they shut up. Keep going back.

    Bunch of (TOS Violation if I use correct term). They demand she answer exactly every event, name, river, ditch... she offers to get the exact info.

    She is doing a great job. I would have barred a few, or told them the truth as to what they are.
  9. Kayleigh has the eye candy thing going for her as well
  10. Sarah was good, despite the constant attacks. Kayleigh is a take no prisoners scrapper. I like that.
  11. "Just to clear it up, can you denounce white supremacy right now?"

    "Yes, I just did."

    "But just to clear it up, can you denounce white supremacy right now?"
  12. I feel they are equally great, no one on the Left could be considered an equal to either one.

  13. In another thread, Callihan_44 made this good point about how there's some sense that Biden is bleeding the black vote... So the leftist media is going all out to try and push the "white supremacist" hoax...

  14. Whatever they pay Kayleigh isn't nearly enough. That lady is special.
  15. As I see it.....the ******** intended to ask the question repeatedly, until he was passed up for the next question from someone else.

    The news report would say that Kayleigh refused to answer the question. :steamed:
  16. I voted for Kayleigh because of her obvious love of the job and also she is very fit and attractive one less thing for the libs to harp on or make fun of. Sarah was tough as nails and a true patriot as well.
  17. The biggest problem I see is, that job burns people out quickly.

    I like her, no BS and she has the presidents back. I hope she lasts awhile.

    Odds are against it though. If Trump wins 4 more, she will not last 1 more I fear.
  18. With regards to roe v wade. The judge should make a decision based on constitutional grounds regardless of their personal feelings. If the judge thinks roe v wade was unconstitutional, then vote to rescind that ruling on constitutional grounds as opposed to let an unconstitutional decision stand based on unconstitutional precedent. Barrett has talked about this in the past. People seem to think that because she's catholic and doesn't like abortion means she'll let her dogma that "runs loudly within her" override her constitutional obligation. I hope she's different than the democrat appointees and Roberts in that regard.
  19. Dang I like that girl!!...My only other observation; If Mr Obama's Press Sec had been exposed to a tenth of this abuse from Conservative Journalists, they All would have been banned!
  20. I think the whole constitutionality argument revolves around the legal definition of when life is recognized......therefore having constitutional rights under the law.
  21. How did the SCOTUS have the power to make that the law? What constitutional right was being violated by letting the states decide? Isn't that what the decision was based on? 10th amendment...the states' citizenry should decide what's right for them.
  22. Let the slap downs continue, you go Kayleigh.
  23. The thing I don't understand is why do she keep going back and forth with them...while not go Christie on them. You asked that question and the President and myself have answered it...next question...if the next "reporter" asks in a similar fashion...thanks for attending, your dismissed, please leave the room, see you tomorrow...next question...keep repeating until one of them gets it. That's how I'd do it, but then again, I do not suffer fools lightly.