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Kawasaki ZX10R 2006 7189 miles

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I have for sale or trade a very nice very fast ZX10 with low miles. Here is the story of this bike. I bought it from a friend that had bought it from a guy and he skipped out on him and never gave him the title. NO title. So he road it for a little while and then sold it to me. I had planned on making a track bike out of it or If I found a cheap enough frame for it go ahead and swap it and title it for the road. I got it back in july and havent put hardly any miles on it. I got it for a good price but now im forced to sell it due to bills, mainly house payment. I am also willing to trade for somthing else just ask, or multiple guns. Before I get a bunch of questions about this, it is NOT stolen I have a family and wouldnt ever risk somthing like that. It does have a couple of small scrapes on it but nothing to major. It has a few aftermarket things on it as well. Corbin seat as well as both factory front and rear seat, and solo tail. Frame sliders, front sliders, swingarm sliders. After market light wieght pegs. It has an olins steering damper on it. Sticky dot race tires. Light wieght kickstand. tank protector. dark windscreen. Aftermarket clutch and brake levers. This bike is very smooth, with great power, but very controlable. I only want $3200 obo so I can move it fast. I would really prefer some cash with some guns. I am a little behind on my house so I need to move it fast. This was not an easy desicion to make to get rid of this. But I havent had it long enough or spent enough time on it to form to tight a bond. Please ask if there are anymore questions. It will be the buyer responsability to arrange for shippping or pick up. I will drive up to 2 hours any direction from the springfield mo. area. Please no lowball offers im already taking a hit on it. This would make a good track bike or a good stunter.
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