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Kansas City MO Indoor Shoot

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by scottMO, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. scottMO

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    We seem to have plenty of people here in the Kansas City area so here goes... I have hosted (done the planning part of it) a private shoot with a group from another gun board and it's time to expand the same thing to GT. Crossfire indoor range in Independence MO is very open to hosting these private shoots for me/us. The best time for private shoots is on sundays from 10a-Noon, which is before their normal operating hours. We would have the indoor range to ourselves for the 2 hours, which is plenty of time....

    Total cost is $200.00-220.00 or so for the range, divided by the # of people. Based on 20 people, it works out to less than $10/person for the entire 2 hours. (30 people= 7.00 ish/person, 40 people=5.00-ish/person. the cost based on 20 people, is abt 1/2 the cost of 2 hours of normal range time and we get to socialize a little and I get to shoot next to people that I trust (slightly more than the normal shooting crowd). :whistling:

    If you would be a strong probable or a yes for all/most sundays, please post a reply w/number of people, and I'll start getting a count going of who thinks they might make it. If we are able to get a pretty firm count, then I will confirm a date and start finalizing thing a little more.. This would likely take place in the next 4 weeks.

    Prob 35-40 people would be max. I dont see us getting that many people but there are only 10 lanes. Ideally, 4 people to a lane is crowded but w/1 shooting and the other 2-3 loading mags it wouldnt be to bad. This would also mean that you would be sharing a target w/other people too. Each shooter can use a different part of the target, etc, or you can change them back and forth if you are picky.

    Since this is an indoor range, it's pistol cal only. Pistol caliber carbines and MG's are allowed and encouraged. It might also be a great time to demo some recently purchased supressors for any of you who have them.. I am working on a SOT to also join us for a MG rental and some various supressors.

    Please also post a "wish list" of things you might like to see/shoot. With our group, we should have most of the guns/toys covered. Dont forget to bring lots of ammo if you want to shoot other people's guns...

    Look forward to seeing everyone


    PS--FWIW, I would always be up for a free shoot on someone's private land, but until that happens, I will try and continue to schedule these every now and then..
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    2nd week in March is bad for me. Both weekends of that week. April would be much better for me.