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Kansan who didn’t wear mask during Lawrence protest infected with COVID-19

  1. Let's see how this works out.


    LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Health officials are asking everyone who attended a Lawrence protest last Sunday over the death of George Floyd to monitor for symptoms of the coronavirus after one of the participants tested positive.

    The Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health said in a news release Friday that the infected person didn’t wear a mask while attending Sunday’s protest, which attracted thousands of people to the downtown.

    The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the person’s sample was taken on Thursday, and Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health epidemiology staff was notified of the positive test on Friday.

    The patient disclosed during the contact tracing and disease-investigation process that he was not wearing a mask.
  2. I wonder if all the protesters were required to give names and phone numbers like regular people have to do at restaurants ?

    im sick if this double standard ****
  3. No worries. The flu is much worse. I read that here.
  4. The liberals will be hoist by their own petard on this one here in a week or two I believe
  5. Good for them, they can leave a smaller carbon footprint when they depart.
  6. They have **** in their own mess kit with this sudden reversal in tactics...

    You can't go to church where there may be a hundred people, you can't open your small business where there may be 10 people, you can't eat out where there may be 50 people, you can't go to the doctor where there may be 5 people in the waiting area, but it's perfectly reasonable to surround yourself with thousands of people for the right cause.

    I believe that this is just further evidence to those who were on the fence that the whole thing has been a huge power and control movement. It was not about safety, or avoiding infection. These people don't give a **** about the average person, in fact may of them believe the population should be reduced dramatically. They are/were gauging your willingness to tolerate and go along with this ****, plain and simple.