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Kamagong Grips don't fit?

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I am a Filipino American, I have an Armscor FS singlestack I just bought here in the US...great pistol! I've been outshooting my buddies that have high dollar Kimbers. Anyways, I had my father in law who still lives in the Philippines buy me some really nice Kamagong Grips, but they don't fit my pistol? seems like the bottom hole is cut about 1/4" lower than standard GI spec grips? Everything else looks like it fits. I also have a double stack Armscor coming soon, any chance it will fit this model? Worst case I will buy an officer size Armscor and cut the grips down and drill a new hole. Grips are very beautiful and its a shame not to use them.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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