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Kahr reliability

  1. I am thinking of getting a pm 40 or 45 to use as my edc. I currently carry a glock model 27 (40 caliber). I love my glocks reliability but it is a little thick. I am very impressed with with Kahrs . My question is are they as reliable ad Glocks and other weapons ? Reliability is my most important requirement with my carry gun. What has been everyone else's experience ?
  2. My PM9, CW9 and CW45 are reliable for SD purpose.
  3. i have a used pm9 i shot a few hundred rounds out of and one i bought nib and fired 230. both were perfect.
  4. I have a PM9 and a TP9 and they are both as good as it gets.
    I'm not so sure about the PM40 and PM45.
    It's a lot of power for such a small frame.
    That said, I don't have any real world experience with the PM45 so....

    I had a P45 which shot great but was just too hard on my wrists.
  5. i had a used pm9 that was flawless and now i have a pm40 that i also picked up used, been flaweless too through around 300 rounds. i havn't experienced a single malfunction in either gun.
  6. My PM9 has digested every kind of 9mm, from cheap throwaway case FMJ to pricey JHP SD ammo, that I've put in it. Still, I believe in the rule of running at least 200 rounds through any auto before carrying it.
  7. I carry a P9 covert, PM9 with a longer barrel. It is as reliable as my Glock 19 and I feel as well armed with it an any other pistol I own.
  8. My little Kahr MK9 is very reliable (accurate too). Easy to conceal and extremely well built. Awesome little package for a 9mm. :wavey:
  9. Keep your little 27 handy; I'm glad I did.
    I purchased a CW45 with the intent to replace my G27 with a .45 carry piece.
    I really like the size and weight of the CW45. I'm also very pleased with it's accuracy. Reliability has not been so good. At about the 100 round mark, it started dropping magazines. Kahr sent me a replacement magazine catch; it is machined differently from the original and fixed the magazine drops (I also think that the magazine follower needs a bit of a redesign to help alleviate the problem, but the new latch works). Then at about the 500 round mark, it started to jam on the last round fired. The fired case would not clear the ejection port: sometimes getting jammed part way back in the magazine. There is a photo of this type jam here: the photo is not of my pistol, but of some others' PM45 (their comment: "The malfunctions occurred on the last round fired and cannot be cleared quickly. Notice that the casing was pulled into the mag feedlips and wedged into mag and ejection port area. The mag cannot be removed until the casing is pried out. The feed lips of this mag are now bulged about 6 thousandths. Below will be a couple of more pics."). A new extractor and spring failed to fix the problem, but I have since modified one of my magazines as a fix and it seems to be working (in limited testing the modified mag has 125 flawless rounds compared to two jams in 25 with an unmodified mag). To be fair, I'm sure Kahr would fix the problem (as they did with this KT member's pistol), but, as I really like the accuracy of my current slide/barrel/night sights combination, I will probably just run the modified magazine another couple hundred rounds. If it proves reliable, I'll just stick with that; if not, I'll send it in. I really do want this pistol to prove reliable enough for carry, until it does the G27 will remain my carry piece of choice.
    BTW, the above is by no means meant to disparage the testimony others have given about their Kahrs' reliability; it just my experience with the particular Kahr that I own.
  10. I had a MK40 that was perfect, just too heavy to carry for only 6 rounds of .40. Sold it and bought a PM9 and it has been 100% reliable as well. Small, light, thin and more rounds than the 27 I just sold ( Ok, total rounds anyway, Glock mags are fat and uncomfortable to pocket carry so I never carried a spare but I do with the Pm9 so 14 total as opposed to 10 in the gun before).
  11. It seems that there are good Kahrs and bad Kahrs, if you get a good one they are great, if bad then not so great. Kahr company seems to be able to fix the bad ones but folks talk of several trips back for modifications. It also seems to me that the 9mm are more likely to be good ones while the 40 and 45 have greater chances of having problems. Personally I have two kahrs a pm9 and a p9, both are flawless with hundreds of rounds down range.
  12. I own and have owned Kahrs. I sell and have sold Kahrs. In terms of reliability....the Glock wins hands down. As both LE and an FFL, I have folks regularly coming back with Kahr "issues" (the magazines not seating on the K45 and P45 is ongoing). Moreover, I find it actually kind of humorous that when I click on the "Kahr Club" link. I look at page one of the different posts and see that half of them are all "I'm having (fill-in-the-blank) problems with my Kahr". If the guns were so reliable, we wouldn't be seeing this volume of problems over such a long period of time. Now that said, if you do get a Kahr, I would invest in sending it to a reputable gunsmith who can go over it and provide you with sort of a reliability package. Don't get me wrong, Glocks can, have, will jam as well. However, the volume of Glock issues is certainly in the minority in comparison with Kahr.
  13. I have 250 rounds through my PM9 without a single problem at all. That includes practice rounds and Speer Golddots. I love this gun!