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Kahr question

  1. What is the difference between the PW40 and the CW40?:dunno:
  2. About $300-$400 dollars. The CW series pistols do not have as much machining on the slide, the slide is roll marked instead of laser engraved, and comes with a traditionally rifled barrel instead of a polygonal match grade barrel and the CW has pinned sights instead of dovetail sight. I chose the CW9 and CW45. I love them both. I couldn't see paying the extra $600-800 for the P series. I got both for $329 each during a sale at Sportsmans Warehouse.
  3. Do you mean what is the between the Kahr PM40 and CW40? The CW series is just a less refined version of the PM series. I say spend the extra cash, buy once cry once and get the better gun.

    My Kahr P380 has been a great carry gun, 100 percent reliable and it has real handgun sights so I can shoot it darn near as well as my G19.
  4. I picked up a CW40 today. Used. My buddy has a PW40. I was just wanting to know what to expect on differences as I liked shooting his. Even though it has been awhile since I shot it.
  5. I completely agree. I bought my PM9 for $579 new at a gun show. If you shop around, you can find good deals. It's not that much more than a CM9 and I think it's much better.