Reluctantly putting my Kahr MK9 up for sale. Includes box and paperwork.

I bought the pistol used about 5 years ago. I changed out the recoil springs at that time, and added Lakeline aluminum followers to all 3 magazines for increased reliability( one 6-round and two 7-round). I also have tried a variety of grips on it. It currently has Kahr wooden grips, but I still have the OEM grips, 2 pairs of G10 aftermarket grips, and a set of handmade wooden grips). It has night sights, but those are virtually dead.

I have probably put 350 rounds or so through it since buying it, and it has not had a single malfunction in 5 years. Great trigger, and a really soft shooter. I am only selling it because, now that I'm retired, I spend most of my days in workout gear and opt for smaller/lighter pistols for EDC.

I was looking for $565 for the package, but would drop to $530 if you don't want the Black Arch holster. That price would include shipping from my FFL to yours. (I can ship the grips and whatnot separately right to your door as well.)