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Kahr MK40/MK9 BearClaw Holster

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These are some of the most awesome carry guns when in the right rig to carry properly. The stainless is of course somewhat heavier than the polymer frame versions but you get more control with the added weight and I believe the MK versions are the way to go. Hands down, this was my very most favorite rig of any I have ever used with any gun and I have been carrying for 32 years. It does what a holster is supposed to do. Full support without wiggling and moving around. Proper retention, correct cant, etc.
My Kahr had to go but the holster and mag carrier is now available if someone wants it. BearClaw holsters have a great rep but the manufacturer could not maintain his business (I do not know what happened but I assure you it was not the quality) One thing is, the holster looks just like it did when I bought it and will likely look the same 20 years from now. I paid $56 for the holster and $28 for the mag carrier plus shipping in 2008. Well worth the money. Wish I still had my MK40.

Will sell the set in original packaging/invoice for $60.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
Will accept paypal with no added fees or USPS money order. I often sell on ebay a zrxtrazoom and have a 100% positive feedback with 121 items sold. Good feedback because I fairly represent what I sell and sell at a fair price.
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