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I'm still getting through the break in process with my CW380, so far not reliable at all....but I'm going to hit it again today with some different ammo and a fresh cleaning, hopefully it will come around.
I do think the trigger is very useful for good shooting, as are the sights. I like it's construction and it's well suited for pocket carry if I can get it to run.
I purchased one of the first couple of hundred Kahr K9s to be produced, and it was a complete jam-o-matic with everything except ball ammo, even after the 200 round break-in process. The most rounds that were ever successfully fired from it in a string (not to include ball ammo), without a malfunction, were two. Then, I found Hornady XTP: couldn't get it malfunction with this cartridge. BANG! Every time. Every time.
After owning it for several years, it has proven to be a great handgun as long as it is fed it's preferred diet, which now includes the Hornady Critical Defense line.
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