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Kahr cw380 or Ruger LCP2

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I'm pondering one or the other for a pocket gun at work. I'm usually within sight of my truck with a G19/23 in it so it's just something to have in the pocket. I've read some good and bad about both but would like to hear from some GT owners and their experience with them. I'm sure some of the reviews if seen on the net have been biased by the all mighty dollar. So that's why I'm here looking for unbiased opinions before I buy.
Thanks Dave
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I don't know anything about the Kahr, but if you care anything at all about the tip of your dick, either don't carry with one up the pipe, or don't go with the LCP II. A single action semi auto with no safety gives me the heebie jeebies. Especially if she's primed and ready to go, in my front pocket.
I'm not sure if the Ruger LCP2 is technically a single action, but I liked the original LCP a lot better and don't see the LCP2 as an improvement. The Kahr is DA only with a long trigger pull.
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