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Justification for "Stand Your Ground"

  1. One of my friends emailed me and said he couldn't see a justification for Florida's stand your ground law.

    My response is below and I'm interested if other GT members have better responses.


    I have several reasons for supporting the stand your ground law.

    Stand your ground removes the ability of prosecuters to prosecute everyone that injures someone in self defense.

    In a combat situation, you only retreat if it puts you in a better defensive position.

    If I'm attacked, why should I put myself in more danger by retreating?

    You can retreat until your attacker is physically restraining you. At this point, it's too late. You may not be able to draw your gun and even if you do, you may not be able to use it. Unless you are capable of physically overpowering the aggressor, you're done for.

    I'm 57 years old with permanent injuries to my elbow, shoulder, foot and knee. I'm not good at running or fighting.

    To me, retreating means backing away slowly. Never turn your back on a threat! If I'm being pursued and think I'm in danger of bodily harm, the gun is coming out before the aggressor is within 10 feet of me.

    Have you seen how fast an athletic man can close that distance?

    This law also makes it much more difficult for someone to prevail in a lawsuit if you had to injure them in self defense.
  2. You have excellent points. Now ask your idiot friend to justify having a "duty to retreat"