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Well after the D.C. VS Heller commotion,im figuring,hmmm maybe the CA powers that be are gonna take a break for a minute,think again

hear of this yet? Penal Code Section 12072(f)(1)

Any FFL licensed dealer shipping any firearm either to, or within, California must submit to being registered with the State of California first. The State will decide if a dealer may be included in the database. There does not appear to be any time limit to how long this approval may take, or criteria for granting it.

No firearm may be shipping to or from an FFL dealer in California without a letter of permission from the State Department of Justice being applied for first. There does not appear to be any time limit for how long this permission might take, nor recourse if it is denied.

The California State Department of Justice will effectively have a knife to the throat of all FLL licensed business’s in the state of California. I'm gonna guess gun prices here are gonna go up!
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