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Just Sharing: My P01, Resurrected!

Discussion in 'CZ Club' started by Pinoy Photog, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Pinoy Photog

    Pinoy Photog

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    Jun 19, 2010
    I was at the range when all of a sudden my P01's trigger
    failed to reset. Dead in the water. I had to literally push
    the trigger forward with my fingertip just to have it reset.
    Of course, I stopped firing. I later noticed that cocking the
    hammer resets the trigger, but racking the slide does not.

    "What gives? What's the difference between manually cocking
    the hammer and racking the slide (which cocks the hammer,
    but in this case does not reset the trigger)?" I asked myself.

    When I disassembled the gun, I saw that there was a tiny,
    almost needle-thick part of the spring that I later found out
    to be part #8, Trigger Return Spring, laying on the frame
    interior (dust cover area). Since that's the spring that broke,
    I surmise that it's the (only?) part I need to replace. It only
    cost $7.50, but shipping was $10!!!

    When I got the TRS, I thought it would be an easy install
    like that of Glocks. But I was gravely wrong. I tried, per
    knowledgeable advice, to install it without disassembling
    the sear block, etc., in the frame internals. It was maddening.

    After being frustrated trying to install the TRS for hours I gave up,
    and decided instead to ship the gun to Stuart Wong (whom I "met" in
    the original CZ forum:;topicseen#msg218442

    To be honest, I've been unhappy with the creep and gritty "feel"
    of my P01's trigger in both DA and SA modes, and probably
    used the broken TRS as an "excuse" to have the modification
    done on the gun. While up there in Colorado Springs (where
    Stuart works and resides, lucky guy!), the P01 became a "work
    in progress" as more and more mods were added in the one
    week plus that transpired. Here's a list of what Stuart initially

    1. Action job
    2. Replace factory trigger with old style CZ 75B aluminum trigger.
    3. Reliability work which included:

    = modifying the firing pin to have the same travel as the extended
    firing pin (which saved me some moolah as I didn't have to buy an
    extended trigger anymore).

    = polishing the firing pin block

    = reprofiling the breechface

    = polishing the slide rail and the extractor

    = Cleaning the extractor cutout in the slide and the extractor.


    In the meantime, I came across an ad for a "DPM Recoil System
    for CZ P01, Compact" in the same CZ forum, and after buying it found
    out that the seller (dross) lives near Stuart's place so I requested
    that they meet up so dross saves on shipping (to me) and Stuart
    could install the system in my gun. How's that for serendipity and
    lucky break?

    When dross emailed me to say he's handed the system over to Stuart
    he also wrote that "You're going to like your trigger. Smooth and light.
    On single action it breaks like a 1911."

    Dang! That got me even more eager and impatient to test fire the gun!!! :p


    A couple of days before he was supposed to ship it back, Stuart fabricated
    a fiber optic front sight for the gun (we had planned on installing a factory
    F.O. sight but the ones he had on hand were too tall). I'm amazed that he
    can work on such small things as a P01 front sight!



    So all in all, here's a photo of what was done on the gun:


    And here are Stuart's test fire results (I don't dare post mine...miserably
    bad, as compared to his...hehehe!)



    I got the gun back on Tuesday, April 5th and I quickly did three things:

    1. Dry fired the gun and was blown away at how light and smooth the trigger now is!!!
    2. Polished the barrel to match the "silver" color of the trigger.
    3. Sanded down the walnut grips so that these are now "almost as thin as VZ grips."
    (compare thinner grips with thicker grips in the gun photo above)



    So, if ever any other member here finds himself/herself with a broken TRS
    (or would use that excuse to have a trigger job done on their guns...hehe!),
    I would highly recommend gunsmith par excellence Stuart Wong (

    As I said in an email to him, I appreciated that he "worked on my gun as if it were his own." And his charges are fair, too!
  2. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    Wow! I bet you are proud of that.

    Pretty good work on a great gun.